bye bayh

bye bayh

by now you have heard the big news that senator evan bayh (D-IN) is retiring; not running for re-election. all of the news outlets are painting him as a long-time moderate. but since the age of obama, his votes have not been very moderate: aye on stimulus, aye on healthcare, and so on. it seems there really are no moderate democrats left. he may have publically disagreed with The One for public consumption back in his very red state, but its his votes that identify him for what he is. dltdhyotwo.

the timing of his announcement is intriguing. bayh says its because the political fighting is toxic (my words) and he can’t get anything done. but could his decision have anything to do with his wife’s lobbying issues? just a thought. anyway, the deadline for filing to run in indiana is right around the corner so surprised state dem leaders are scrambling. state info lists two different dates for candidate fillings: the swing state project has it listed as tomorrow, while the indiana secretary of state has it listed as friday. either way, the indiana democrats should be able to appoint a candidate if there is a vacancy on their ballot.

i know everyone is saying it but the dems really are dropping like flies. thanks obama!

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  • Tae says:

    LOL. Hey idiot! Bayh hasn’t been a real democrat for a long time. Good freakin riddance. In case you didn’t know, we’ve hated him for years. He’s a turncoat. Maybe he’ll become Repubican now…no probably not. He doesn’t have the guts. He’s a LOSER.

  • Ken says:

    “Hey idiot! Bayh hasn’t been a real democrat for a long time.”

    Hey moron, keep telling yourself that. This is the new tactic of the left. For all the liberals who are running from Obama like he was a disease, we will hear “Who cares? He’s not a REAL democrat!” You can get away with that once or twice, but with all the dems jumping ship, you’d have to be a complete imbecile to think it didn’t matter.

    “He’s a LOSER.”

    I thought that “Loser” was synonymous with democrat?????

  • lisab says:

    bayh was a democrat in a red state

    but he always supported obama when obamacre votes came up

  • PenniePan says:

    Evan Bayh hasn’t been a Democrat for a very long time. He needs to run back home and re-think himself. Get the hell out if you can stand by your party!

  • BikerDan says:

    If the Democratic Congress were the movie Titanic, the water would be lapping at the boiler room door about now.

    Romney/Palin 2012
    (yes, I’m throwing that out there)

  • micky says:

    ” Get the hell out if you can stand by your party !”

    Yeah, I know, you’ll stand by these failures regardless of the mounting evidence that makes them to be exactly that. Its not the party he signed up for Penny, thats his whole point and frankly i cant blame him and the rest that are jumping ship. Although I think its cool as hell

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