BREAKING: American Journalist James Wright Foley Allegedly Beheaded by ISIS

BREAKING: American Journalist James Wright Foley Allegedly Beheaded by ISIS

Multiple reports are coming in from Iraq that an American journalist, James Wright Foley, has been executed by ISIS. Foley has been missing since 2012, when he disappeared in Syria. Politico’s Blake Hounshell was the first to break the news on Twitter:

NBC claims to have obtained video of Foley’s execution.

The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) claims to have beheaded an American photojournalist and has threatened the life of another American journalist if President Obama doesn’t stop airstrikes in Iraq.

A graphic video obtained by NBC News purportedly shows James Wright Foley, a freelance reporter for the U.S.-based news service GlobalPost who was kidnapped while reporting from Syria two years ago, reciting threats against America before he is executed by an ISIS militant.

Foley was kidnapped at gunpoint near the town of Taftanaz in northern Syria on Thanksgiving Day in 2012. He had not been heard from during his time in captivity. “We’ve heard nothing. Nothing. We last knew that he was abducted on Thanksgiving Day in the Idlib province, but we don’t know who took him or why,” Foley’s father, John, said on TODAY last year.

… In the video, ISIS claims they are holding a second journalist, Steven Joel Soltoff. A man on the video is identified as Soltoff and his life is threatened if the United States does not pull out of Iraq.

The video was briefly posted on Youtube before being removed for violating Youtube’s policy on violence. Photos are circulating nonetheless:


Foley was reportedly forced to speak out against America before he was killed.

[I]n the video, entitled “Letter to America,” ISIS terrorists force him to read a letter urging Americans to rise up against his “real killer, the U.S. government.” In addition, Foley says the U.S. airstrikes against ISIS “hammered the final nail into [his] coffin.”

ISIS announced on Tuesday that Foley would be executed as a message to Obama. They are threatening to behead another American journalist, Steven Sotloff, next. Foley was 40 years old.

President Obama, meanwhile, is preparing to head back to Martha’s Vineyard tonight to resume his vacation after taking a two day break to come back to Washington, D.C. ISIS is currently threatening to attack Americans on American soil, saying they “will drown you all in blood”.

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  • Donna says:

    This is infuriating! Makes me spit nails. The poor family of this slaughtered man must be beside themselves. If it were up to me I would want the video seen– so that my death would show what heinous animals these murderers are.

  • Kelley Kruse says:

    Obama built this when he got his withdrawal from Iraq. ISIS is on his head, this death is on his head, the death of Mosul, the Yazidi’s and the Kurds will forever be a mark on his soul.

  • Chris says:

    If you look at videos around the web of this man… And then look at the photos ISIS has posted. You can tell the facial features of this guy in these photos don’t seem to be the same. For instance, his nose doesn’t seem as long and pointy as James Foley’s. But I’m not specialist in the crime scene, but just by that view, I think they are just killing people who they have captive and look similar to missing people that they say they have captured. In hopes of having the US send them more money or arrested people who Obama has no issues giving up.

    • Nina says:

      Chris, Foley has been held captive since November 2012. I would be assuming that someone in captivity that long would lose weight, thus having facial features change slightly or a lot – depending upon how brutal the captivity was.

  • Nina says:

    Obama KNEW ISIS was a threat, and called them the jv team anyway. And Sotloff’s life is reportedly in the balance depending upon what Obama does next? Will he put his thumb on the scale or tell ISIS to stop hollering?? Either way – he’s gonna dither about it for a while and throw a hissy fit because his vacation keeps getting interrupted.

  • Tony says:

    Jodi your stupid as shit obamas the best president we’ve had in Decades

  • F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Foley Schmoley. If they’re going to play these mind games, it’s time to bring out Fat Man and Little Boy and end this damn ISIS scourge once and for all.

    If they’re coming to America to wreck havoc, it won’t make a damn bit of difference. There’ll just be fewer of them to cause trouble.

    Oh, wait. I forgot. I’m not President any longer. Instead, America has a Moslem in the White House who sides with these villains. Never mind.

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