Being Pro-Choice is Not Wrong…

Being Pro-Choice is Not Wrong…

Sisters; before you burn me at the stake for heresy, let me explain.

It seems our liberal brethren, who like to think of themselves as our “betters” and who know what is best for us; evidently believe that we, as women, have the right to choose and demand equal pay under the law, to choose to breast feed in public without judgment or ridicule, to choose to have an abortion regardless of the reasons, to choose to join the Infantry and fight for freedom and to choose who we should vote for.

This right of choice however, does not seem to extend to the choices I make in the defense of my home, nor it seems to the defense of my virtue from rapists or my gorgeous new Coach purse from thieves.  This was an actual conversation I had with someone who is on “the team” and was butted in on by someone who definitely acts as if they are one of my “betters”

ME:  Did you see what Joe Biden said about shooting a shotgun through a door?  Maybe we should ask Oscar Pistorius how well that worked out for him?

MY Friend:  Yeah, that didn’t work out so good I think.

3rd Party Moron:  You shouldn’t have a gun anyway.  They are dangerous and kill people

Me:  I certainly hope so….

Despite my snarkiness and bitchy attempts try drive this shrew from the room, she decided to stay and further demonstrate her level of dysfunction.

3rd Party Moron:  Well, you are more likely to shoot the wrong person or yourself.

Me:  The rapist bashing his way into my living room is the WRONG Person?  And how do you know that?  Do you teach people how to use firearms?

3rd Party Moron:  Well no, but you might miss.

Me:  I will just shoot again.

You should have seen her face when I said that.  You can see where this is going right?

We headed down the usual paths about how guns are bad, no one needs one, more likely to be killed with your own gun blah blah blah…  I won’t bore you with the in between conversation, but it came to this in the end.

Me:  You are pro-choice aren’t you?

3rd Party Moron:  Hell Yes.  No one gets to tell me what I do with my body!

Me:  This applies to me as well right?

3rd Party Moron:  Of course.

Me:  OK then, why is it OK for me to chose to do what I want with my body, but choosing a gun to defend it from rape and unwanted pregnancy by a rapist is not available to me?  Why is it OK for government to pass laws that tell me that I can’t choose to defend my uterus from violence with a handgun or and AR-15?   Why is it OK for me to have the power of life or death over what I carry in my uterus but are not allowed by law to have any power to defend what comes out from rapists and thugs using any tool I choose?

3rd Party Moron:  (Mouth open) Ummmm, I have to go.  (Turns on heel of new DSW Black Ankle Strap Mary Janes–which are awesome BTW, and walks away.)

And therein lies the fallacy.  And I want the 5 minutes of my life this dumb-ass shoe whore stole from my life.

Liberal ideology as applied to women is a two headed premise:  You are strong enough to be anything in the world and use a gun to fight for freedom, but you are too dumb to defend yourself with that same gun.  You are smart enough to fly helicopters and jets, but too dumb to not accidentally shoot yourself or others with an AR-15.  You are smart enough to hold political office, negotiate treaties, meet world leaders, and even be a president, but too stupid to know how to defend yourself.

Liberals, you cannot have it both ways.  Either I am too stupid to fly jets and helicopters, or I am not.  I am smart enough to be in elected office or I am not.  I am strong enough to be in the Infantry or I am not.  I am educated enough to be the CEO or I am not.  I am smart enough to have a gun, or I am not.

If you can’t trust me with a gun, how can you trust me with a hammer, baseball bat, automobile, ice pick, straight razor, chain saw, screwdriver, meat cleaver, butcher knife or  food processor?

I believe in choice, because choice means freedom to choose OR NOT to choose.  I choose to be free and to make my own choices regarding how I reproduce, how I vote, and how I defend myself.  I believe I have the right to choose if I will work or stay home with my children, the right to choose how I will vote or if I will vote, and the right to choose if I will worship or not.

I choose not to believe in what you believe, and I choose to have an AR-15 and a handgun and I choose to be with a man that will show me how to use these tools and will help me make sure that I am safe and have the tools and training necessary to survive an encounter with a shit-bag rapist.

And that makes me Pro-Choice as well.

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