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Authorities ban home bible study in San Diego

Authorities ban home bible study in San Diego

Freedom of religion is pretty much the foundation upon which this country was started. Europeans fled here to escape religious persecution, so that they could practice their beliefs freely and without fear. That freedom was protected in the First Amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

A little over two hundred years later, we’ve come full circle. We’re right back to religious persecution again, albeit not in the way people automatically think. In our modern age, persecution doesn’t so much mean killing someone over their religion. It’s more along the lines of banning the practice of your faith, and then fining and jailing you if you continue. What’s next?

And sadly, the above scenario is actually being played out in San Diego, California. A home bible study has been prohibited, and the couple who held the bible study was notified on Good Friday. Classy, huh?

A local pastor and his wife claim they were interrogated by a San Diego County official, who then threatened them with escalating fines if they continued to hold Bible studies in their home, 10News reported.

Attorney Dean Broyles of The Western Center For Law & Policy was shocked with what happened to the pastor and his wife.

Broyles said, “The county asked, ‘Do you have a regular meeting in your home?’ She said, ‘Yes.’ ‘Do you say amen?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Do you pray?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Do you say praise the Lord?’ ‘Yes.'”

The county employee notified the couple that the small Bible study, with an average of 15 people attending, was in violation of County regulations, according to Broyles.

Broyles said a few days later the couple received a written warning that listed “unlawful use of land” and told them to “stop religious assembly or apply for a major use permit” — a process that could cost tens of thousands of dollars.

“For churches and religious assemblies there’s big parking concerns, there’s environmental impact concerns when you have hundreds or thousands of people gathering. But this is a different situation, and we believe that the application of the religious assembly principles to this Bible study is certainly misplaced,” said Broyles.

News of the case has rapidly spread across Internet blogs and has spurred various reactions.

… Broyles also said this case has broader implications.

“If the county thinks they can shut down groups of 10 or 15 Christians meeting in a home, what about people who meet regularly at home for poker night? What about people who meet for Tupperware parties? What about people who are meeting to watch baseball games on a regular basis and support the Chargers?” Broyles asked.

… If the County refuses to release the pastor and his wife from obtaining the permit, they will consider a lawsuit in federal court.

It’s good to see that the couple is not taking this lying down. Because what would the implications of this be? Let’s say we agreed that you couldn’t hold religious services in your home for some insane reason, and they could only be held in a place of religious worship, i.e. a temple, a church, a synagogue, whatever. How long do you think it would be before they came for those places as well?

I attended similar meetings every other week in high school. I was a member of my church’s youth group, and we went to a conference every year. Part of the responsibility of attending that conference was attending the bimonthly meetings. We studied the bible, we discussed theology, we prayed. The youth group ministers were a husband and wife, Sal and Maria, an elderly couple from up north. Sal was also the deacon at my church. There were usually around 15 – 20 teenagers there. Would this meeting have been shut down if it had taken place in San Diego today? We prayed. We read the bible. We said the Our Father, the Haily Mary, and the Glory Be to end each meeting. We gave prayer intentions each meeting as well.

I know that technically one could say that this isn’t our battle. But the thing is, it really should be. Getting away with infringing upon our rights is always hardest the first time, just like lying or stealing or cheating is always hardest the first time you do it. After you do it and get away with it, you become emboldened. And you continue to do it. And if San Diego County is allowed to get away with this, do you really think they won’t continue down this road?

Stand with the First Amendment. Support freedom of religion. You can sign the petition here. Or, you can take the time to go straight to the source yourself and contact San Diego County officials. I personally would recommend the Office of Internal Affairs. Here’s the contact info for the Office of Internal Affairs:

1600 Pacific Highway, Room #400
San Diego, CA 92101, USA
Phone: (619) 531-5174
Fax: (619) 685-2514
E-Mail: eloy.villa@sdcounty.ca.gov

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  • Fj says:

    Wow…this is terrible. I’m not religious in the least and this is just horrifying. Welcome to the Welfare-Driven Socialist States of the New Republic!

  • BobV says:

    You know, I’d honestly recommend they give up on this. Move away. Not my usual tactic, ordinarily I’d say fight tooth and nail for your rights but . . . .

    California is rapidly becoming a failed state. They have no money for police or immigration, or even to pay off their own obligations. They have a deficit greater than many countries total GDP. But they have plenty for giving illegal immigrants free tuition, needles to homeless people and supporting gay pride parades and I have no doubt there is plenty in the budget for harassing these people in court until they run out of money to keep fighting.

    If they win this fight it will be something else down the road. I think it’s time for all remaining sane Californians to move out. Leave before the line gets too long and they start issuing exit visas.

  • Charles Martin says:

    At some point God will act to bring judgement to the ungodly and scoffers. Be patient and oppose them, always showing God’s love while teaching them about God’s judgement. Christian brothers and sisters, it will come to pass.

  • Tyler says:

    Ive just starting doing research on the ridiculousness of the religious when it comes to creating myths ALMOST INSTANTLY after an event occurs, most of the time having little or nothing to do with the event itself. The persecution-complex many have is startling.

    This story is almost entirely fictitious. Neighbors called the city because of parking issues caused by the home study, LAND USE LAWS were being violated. At no point was the couple told they couldn’t have a bible study or that they couldn’t have guests over. They were informed of the parking situation (and that a neighbors car had been damaged by a guest at some point), and told that they could be fined for constantly over-parking. As far as I can tell, the whole part of the story about an official coming out to the home and questioning them: made up.

    This was a land use issue, not a religious issue. If they were told by anyone to obtain a religious event permit, it was to make parking for their guests in the neighborhood LEGAL. “Christian Journalism” of copy/paste stories from other religious websites without actually looking into the matter further perpetuates myths like this. Not surprising however, as the persecution-complex of the religious in the company is both well established and proven absurd.

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