Arizona deputy shot by suspected illegal immigrant

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Arizona deputy shot by suspected illegal immigrant

In the wake of Arizona’s new illegal immigration law, I guess this really should be unsurprising. It’s also a prime example of just why this new law was needed.

Five men suspected of smuggling drugs across the border ambushed a Pinal County sheriff’s deputy Friday in a remote area south of Phoenix, underscoring the border-related violence that has catapulted Arizona and its new immigration law onto the national stage.

The Pinal Sheriff’s department told The Associated Press that the hunt into the early morning hours Saturday but no arrests had been made.

The rugged desert area where the shooting took place, near the junction of Interstate 8 and Arizona 84 in south-central Arizona, is considered a high-traffic drug- and human-smuggling corridor.

A massive hunt of 100 square miles that included helicopters with night-vision equipment and more than 200 officers, including SWAT teams, from 13 agencies was still pursuing the shooters late Friday.

More than one helicopter came under fire during the evening as officers rescued Deputy Louie Puroll, who had been shot with an AK-47-type weapon around 4 p.m., according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Puroll suffered a flesh wound above his kidney that tore off a chunk of skin. He was treated at Casa Grande Regional Medical Center and released Friday night.

“Here we see the tactics have changed and become more dangerous,” Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu said. “This has reached a critical mass for law enforcement.”

Babeu said he has “called out for help” from federal officials to no avail. He said smugglers know “the police are after them and the fact they are firing upon us changes the game.”

So basically, we see that Arizona law enforcement has been pleading with the federal government to send aid to fight against the drug smugglers taking over Arizona. The drug smugglers have been firing upon police. The police were ambushed by drug smugglers who were probably illegal immigrants. Even while the deputy was being rescued, the helicopters rescuing him came under fire.

This area, between Tucson and Phoenix, is a key transit point for illegal immigrants. And as Allah pointed out, critics of the new law have been asking for examples of when reasonable suspicion could arise.

Well, this one seems promising: A desert search along a route known to be used by coyotes turns up illegal drugs, with further investigation revealing a group of people nearby. Under the circumstances, suspicion of a crime committed by illegals doesn’t seem so wingnutty. And, I emphasize, it’s just suspicion: Could be that these would-be cop-killers are bona fide U.S. citizens. But then, that’s what the law is for — to let cops ascertain status in dubious circumstances.

I’m sure we won’t hear any of the people who were caterwauling over this law address this shooting, either. It’s awfully inconvenient for them, isn’t it? In their world, it’s better for Arizonans be terrorized and their police be shot than poor, innocent illegal immigrants be held accountable for breaking the law or that police be able to actually ask people for something as terrible as a driver’s license or a form of identification.

There’s only one reason why neither party refuses to crack down on illegal immigration and close the borders. We all know what it is. Hispanics are the fastest growing demographic in America, and cracking down on illegal immigration takes away a lot of potential votes.

Think about that. The majority of our politicians are more worried about keeping themselves in office by any means possible than they are worried about keeping Americans safe and our borders secure.

Arizona lawmakers had to make a tough decision that they knew would be unpopular. And they did the right thing.

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  • M Caulfield says:

    I don’t know why Arizonans would want to protect their citizens from Mexican drug cartel violence, safeguard the public treasury, or prevent the strain on their already choked social services. I mean, not doing that has done wonders for LA! That movie, American Me, I want to recreate that in my city. Yes!

    I have no idea why they’d want to enforce the laws that have been on the books since the USA formed or why they’d be mad at the Feds for not doing their jobs of securing our borders. Arizonans are racists, red-neck, bigoted, right-wing conspiracists for wanting to protect the quality of life of LEGAL immigrants already living here. What’s up with that? They should enjoy picking up the 2 million tons of trash the illegals leave strewn across our lands as they make their way north because they always have beautiful, sunny skies.

    Did you know that asking for someone’s citzenship papers is the equivalent of slaughtering 7 million Jews in Nazi Germany. If you didn’t, then you’re not reading the main-stream, unbiased, good-intentioned media. Get with the program, Comrades! Read the NY Times, the LA Times or the Washington Post, or any newspaper that feeds off of them. It will really educate you and keep you from losing your public education indoctrination.

    Why not let the entire world into this country, starting with Haiti, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Yemen — oh, and don’t forget a few “mainstream” Castro-loving Cubans. I’m sure the freedom-loving Cubans already living in Miami who hate Castro won’t mind. Let’s blow taxpayers’ money overseas by sending travel vouchers to the Middle East so they can fly to Mexico and come across the border. Can’t we all just get along? If we just sat down and negotiated with them, all war, poverty and disease would end and Obama could save us all.

    After their amnesty, they’ll vote Democrat in order to keep the taxpayer dollars flowing freely and keep Democrats in power. What’s so wrong about that? That stuff going on in Greece — riots, protest. Yeah, I like that. Let’s get some of that. After all, we’re no longer a Republic. We’re a dictatorship. Just ask the folks who passed healthcare with the Slaughter House Rules, instead of abiding by the will of the people. If you can’t afford health insurance, you should be jailed or fined by IRS agents, so there will be no room for locking up illegal aliens. Obama is going to help this country like Chairman Mao helped China take the Great Leap Forward, or how Stalin helped unite the Russians. CHANGE, TRANSFORM. I really love it.

    All I ask is that you don’t complain as your paychecks get smaller and smaller. After all, someone has to pay for all those bells and whistles, and bells and whistles, and bells and whistles, etc. Well, you get the idea. It might as well be you. We know from history that the rich ALWAYS get soaked, so none of it will effect your pocketbook. Right? I mean, look how many millionaires are now living in boxes by the river. Plus, the more money you rob from rich people and give to poor people, the more jobs that are created. Right, Nancy Pelosi? It looks like rain today — maybe too much. I hope the government is doing something about that. Maybe a rain tax is needed.

  • J David says:

    We are seeing popular sentiment in the Minute Man Project and the Tea Parties beginning to snowball into a powerful political push to take government back to the local level. Pragmatic (soulless moral equivalence zombies) politicians from both major parties are seeing the handwriting on the wall unless their actions begin to reflect the expressed will of the people. Unless the Dead Elephant Party get a clue very soon they are going to lose their monopoly on conservative votes. The Bush Club position, STILL, on something so simple and basic as enforcement of national security FEDERAL STATUTES is an example of the fly-blown, maggot-infested condition of the Dead Elephants.

    Hopefully our Tea Party organizations in NM, Texas, and maybe even Californication, will effect enough pressure to enact the same laws as the heros of AZ!

  • That was awesome, Caulfield.

    One point that often goes unmade about this, is the history of America’s response to “Who ya gonna believe, me or your lyin’ eyes.” We tend to sleep late but wake up with a bang. In this case, the lie is that out of all the millions of illegals who scale the fence or simply let their visas expire, every single one of ’em is…all together now…working hard, playing by the rules, trying to make a better life for their families. We are to presume, just because some of them do this, and perhaps most of them, that this is true of each and every single one.

    At this point I would apply some special evidence to the simple truth that, if you don’t accept the last of those up there, the pro-amnesty arguments crumble into dust in an instant.

    So anyway. Fifteen months now, we’ve been looking for shenanigans out of the Tea Party crowd; someone thought someone yelled the “N” word, someone thought someone spant on someone. Someone thought the guy with the sign that had the “N” word written on it, was part of the Tea Party leadership. All this turned out to be bogus. But the deputy really was shot. Well…reality has an effect on people. It does seem to come last in line, and perhaps that’s where it is. But people do respond to it eventually, when the pattern continues to hold up and this pattern has been holding up. The loud and leader-ish among us have been lying to us about what is dangerous and what is not.

  • Anonymous says:

    So Arizona is right for RACIALLY PROFILING Hispanic people since last time I checked their checking any Hispanic person who MIGHT look like an illegal immigrant. Pretty much all Hispanics in Arizona will have too carry documents proving their Americans. Does it take you back in history when blacks and Jews had to carry cards around back in history during the slavery and Nazi era. We are pretty much reversing history.

    And to get technical, Arizona as well as many other states near Mexico was Mexico so they are technically still in their land. Like we did to the American Indians, we took a great deal of their country and made it America (which wasn’t ours to begin with).

    There are some hard working Hispanic families as well as immigrants from other countries that come here because their countries are fucked up and they do have families that need a better life so they come here to get their families away from their bad situations. I’m not saying that all immigrants are innocent but writing them all off doesn’t work either and makes it seem very fucking judgmental and a country full of dipshits.

    Also let’s not forget we are all immigrants. Not just people of color.

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