Riehl World View Exposing the real Joe Miller

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Strikes Again

The infamous 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has made yet another controversial decision, with Justice Sandra Day O’Connor sitting in. This time, they overturned Arizona’s requirement that…

Gateway Pundit Faulty voting machines in Nevada are serviced by SEIU

Reuters US slips to record low in global corruption index

Michelle Malkin Joy Behar adds another conservative “bitch” to her hate list

Blackfive Diversity is not a military necessity

Soldiers Angels Germany Remembering Ricky

Blackfive Gunny Popaditch schools a congressman

Unbelievable: Lisa Murkowski questions Joe Miller’s honor, says he’s “not fit to lead”

Unbelievable: Lisa Murkowski questions Joe Miller’s honor, says he’s “not fit to lead”

The Right Scoop posted this stunning video, in which Lisa Murkowski brazenly questions Joe Miller’s honor and deems him unfit to lead. Clearly, telling a former Army…

Michelle Malkin Omar Khadr: guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty

6 Brazen Advocates of Slut Culture on the Pseudo-Feminist Left

Originally posted at David Horowitz’s Newsreal: Sluthood wasn’t always considered a virtue. Most normal, rational people look at sleeping around as something sad and wrong. It’s not…

The Other McCain On the Seavey-Rittelmeyer affair

Big Journalism WaPo blockbuster confirms Holder’s justice department race policies

They Came In Peace

They Came In Peace

You learn to live with it. It never gets easier. — Joe Ciokon “The hurt and the sorrow hasn’t lessened one iota over the years. Every day…

Blackfive Military is not public service?

Delusional Harry Reid

Delusional Harry Reid

Hey, did you know that Harry Reid saved the world?? He’s helped Barack Obama add $3 trillion in new debt in two years. It’s a miracle!! Hat…

Newsreal “Child sexuality” and the fraud of the Kinsey reports

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