“B” is for Budget and Bullsh*t

“B” is for Budget and Bullsh*t

So, today is Saturday, the day I customarily do grocery shopping so that I may plan meals for the week and get a metric shit ton of cooking done the following day, Sunday. It is kind of necessary with four children and what amounts to a circus-type schedule. I like to think of this as time budgeting- much like fiscal budgeting, but without a bunch of pennies flying at my head.

Which brings me to my next point: I budget my time so that I may also budget my money. Since I am an indigenous-Scots-frog, I cannot tolerate anything other than frugality, and waste of coin or shell is tantamount to sin- a tenet obviously not adopted by our esteemed elected officials.

I awoke this morning to the news that the Senate had, after over 1400 days without one, finally adopted a budget as if it was some mangy canine that they didn’t really want, but had to pick up lest they be accused of neglect. Again. As if we needed more evidence that the majority party in the Senate isn’t really interested in fixing anything only plying constituents with pretty purple prose long enough to maintain their padded, ergonomically correct seats in Congress, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid iterates his lack of intent to work with the opposing party (i.e. fellow lawmakers, Americans, alledged human beings) by stating  “he sees little reason to bother with a conference committee,” in which lawmakers are supposed to work out their differences because “(t)he two chambers probably won’t agree on a single plan.”

Nah, no use in even attempting to work on the priorities of American citizens when it’s just your freaking JOB, Reid. God forbid we pay them to actually work.

How many of us would have a successful household if we budgeted or time and money the way the Congresscritters deem it appropriate to budget for our steadily-deteriorating-into-2nd-world-status nation? This is not what good men and women shed blood, sweat and tears to protect, and they who hold office would do well to remember that those ergonomically correct seats will suit other posteriors just as well.

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  • Frank says:

    Isaiah 1: 15 “When you lift your hands in prayer, I will not look at you. No matter how much you pray,
    I will not listen, for your hands are covered with blood.”
    Isaiah 3: 4 “The Lord will let the people be governed by immature boys.”

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