caption this: obama, sarkozy, and unnamed woman!

heh! obama is a butt man.


oopsie! she’s jailbait.


ok, so he wasn’t ogling jailbait. but it WAS a fun picture. heh.

h/t lisab

caption it!

obviously, some of us here are not the only ones who miss president bush. heh! h/t ala

obama jib jab: obama superhero?

well here’s the latest jib jab which of course pokes great fun at The One being a superhero. Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today! nice mockery. and did…

aw, sweet!

blog friends, ken and leeann, are getting married saturday, june 13th! cute couple don’t you think? we adore ken and leeann here and since they would absolutely…

‘The One’ reincarnated

oooh. so maybe he really is The One! while in egypt yesterday, obama visited the pyramids. his guide in giza was dr. zahi hawass, the secretary-general of…

barack spock

[photopress:Barack_Spock.JPG,full,pp_image] h/t michael ramirez

the allegiance of heroes and other fun stuff

in honor of hugh jackman er, wolverine! have you seen these guys? a real life network of super heroes fighting crimes across the country. the group connects…

i got a rock.

happy halloween!

obama’s presidential internship

this, of course, just another ploy to ease our fears of his lack of experience!! make sure you watch the whole thing. heh. comic relief can be…


how sweet is this? and how true. 13 days. h/t michael ramirez

naked clowns

ok i can’t think of anything more scary – well other than an obama presidency – then nekkid clowns. for real. in the form of a calendar…

it’s code baby

so the secret service have picked code names for the presidential candidates and their wives. oh, to have been a fly on the wall for that meeting!…

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