Sunday Musical Interlude: Divine

by Darleen Click on March 19, 2017

Kleenix warning offered.

I cannot advocate enough for children to learn to play an instrument and be part of a band or orchestra. Parents, your kids may be bored when first learning, especially in grade school. Be strong and have them play at least through the first year of high school when the fun starts matching the maturity of their skills. Really, they will thank you for being a mean parent later.

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Chris in N.Va March 20, 2017 at 7:54 am

Have seen the Piano Guys in person last December — totally awesome experience.

They combine a mastery of the piano and cello that captures the majestic beauty of the classical side with whimsical and entertaining humor to keep everyone engaged and entertained.

Their advocacy of spurring the young-uns to learn musical instruments of all kinds, especially beyond the garage-band three-chord wunder-kiddies to include orchestral instruments is inspiring. They have taken what could be stodgy orchestral instruments and songs and transformed them into wild flights of fancy and playful fun.

I’ve been a lifelong musician of multiple instruments and left further inspired to dive deeper into their potentials.

If you can ever manage to attend one of their concerts, JUST DO IT. You will see their instruments used in new and intriguing ways.

You’ll be both blessed and entertained.


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