Snort: John McCain’s suddenly tough on immigration?!

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Snort: John McCain’s suddenly tough on immigration?!

I guess this goes to show you just how worried McCain is about JD Hayworth:

Right. Amnesty crusader John McCain himself is suddenly so tough on the border. It’s a complete joke, and the ad isn’t even well executed. This is shameless, desperate pandering and it comes across that way, too. This is an epic, epic fail.

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  • ZZMike says:

    McCain was a good soldier. (He almost got killed early on, in the Forrestal disaster. His was the first plane hit by the accidentally-fired missile.) Somewhere along the line, he lost it. The McCain-Feingold act only served to let people like Soros pump millions into election campaigns. Failure to think things through. (I hear now that he’s against that act.)

    I also have to question Palin’s judgement in endorsing him.

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