Obama Press Conference: Chicago Tribune Reporter Christi Parson’s “I’ve never seen you lose” (Video)

Obama Press Conference: Chicago Tribune Reporter Christi Parson’s “I’ve never seen you lose” (Video)

She giggles like a school girl. She blushes and gushes. She flutters and gasps demurely. She fawns but doesn’t quite faint. She’d probably even have his babies! Christi Parsons, reporter for the Chicago Tribune, at Barack Obama’s first press conference in 8 months yesterday is getting a lot of attention. But it’s not for a hard-hitting journalistic style, demanding answers from a less than honest Administration. And it’s not for a toe-to-toe heated exchange with Barack Obama over the Benghazi cover-up. No. She squandered those opportunities for a “he likes me, he really likes me!” moment, embarrassing professional women everywhere.

Here’s the text of their exchange

OBAMA: Christi Parsons. Hey.

CHRISTI PARSONS (Chicago Tribune): Thank you, Mr. President. And congratulations, by the way. One quick follow-up–

OBAMA: Thanks. Christi was there when I was running for state senate.

PARSONS: That’s right. I was!

OBAMA: Christi and I go back a ways.

PARSONS: I have never seen you lose. I wasn’t looking that one time.

OBAMA: There you go.

PARSONS: [Laughs] One quick followup and then I want to ask you about Iran. I just want to make sure I understood what you said. Can you envision any scenario in which we do go off the fiscal cliff at the end of the year? And on Iran, are you preparing a final diplomatic push here to resolve the nuclear program issue? Are we headed toward one-on-one talks?

OBAMA: Well, obviously, we can all imagine a scenario where we go off the fiscal cliff. If– if, despite the election, if despite the dangers of going over the fiscal cliff and what that means for our economy that there’s too much stubbornness in Congress that we can’t even agree on giving middle class families a tax cut, then middle class families are all going to have a big tax hike.

And here’s the video:

Obamabots, regardless of their profession, are ridiculously pathetic, aren’t they? The next four years is going to be a test of my true intestinal fortitude.

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  • Brad G says:

    What a great show of independent reporting by Christie. I have never heard of her before, and hence have not been a devotee, but now you can count of me as an accolyte of her’s, just as she is of God..I mean the king….ah, the president. Nothing like showing a lack of bias when you are a reporter for such a huge publication! Congrats Christie — (hey, were you passing around love notes, saying you love Obama? — to all your cohorts?? )

  • D says:

    Huh gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

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