Make AmeriCorps Extinct

Make AmeriCorps Extinct

I’ll give Washington DC its due. The protests that sometimes grace the city are… interesting, to say the least. Two years ago, a bunch of guys gathered on the north side of the White House, wearing white pants and sporting red stains on their crotches to protest…


Why they were doing it in front of the White House is anyone’s guess. Maybe they thought then-President Obama could take action against foreskin-cutting? You know between working on the Iran deal and signing executive orders to punish Russia for illegally annexing Crimea and violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

I also note, with some amusement, that several members of the “bloodstained men” in these photographs are sporting what are quite obviously boobs. But I guess we can’t really assume anyone’s gender any longer, lest we piss off the social justice zealots who are so “bravely” standing against the cisheteropatriarchywhatever.

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