Obama Decrees Transgender Students Can Use Bathroom Of Their Choice [Video]

With a flourish of his famed pen, Obama decreed on Friday that transgender students can use the bathroom or locker room of their choice in public schools. Up to this point I have been watching the battle of the potty police with some humor, but with this move I have to put my foot down and say to those parents who do not have the luxury of paying for a private school for their children, vote with your feet.

I understand the challenges facing modern parents. Believe me, I get it. I live in a state that has a 63% graduation rate from High Schools. Pathetic to say the least. I would rather stick a needle in my own eye than allow my son to set foot in one of the overcrowded, underfunded schools here. However, I also understand that not all families have the luxury of being able to sacrifice one parents income for homeschooling either. This is a major reason I have been calling for school choice for years now.


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Ava Gardner