Gauntlet Thrown: Mark Levin Demands That Donald Trump Debate Ted Cruz One-on-One

Gauntlet Thrown: Mark Levin Demands That Donald Trump Debate Ted Cruz One-on-One

For a couple of months last fall, I was afraid we’d lost the indomitable Mark Levin to the Dark Side. Remember when he was defending Donald Trump’s positions on illegal immigration and halting the flow of Muslim refugees into the United States? For example:

While I don’t necessarily disagree with Trump’s stance on the two issues, I nonetheless saw him for the charlatan that he is soon after he declared his candidacy. So it made my heart sink to hear a man I recognized as a reliable conservative voice praising an obvious demagogue with no core principles posing as a bona fide Republican presidential candidate. Well, in recent months, along with scores of others who’ve seen the light by way of incoherent blustery from a certain New York liberal, it seems Levin, following his brief flirtation with the Empire, has fully returned to the Rebel Alliance. And he wants the Orange Crush, along with Senator Cruz, in a man-to-man debate, a friendly bro-chat between the Last Two Candidates Standing (yes, I’m looking at you, John Kasich). So yesterday afternoon, Levin threw down the ALL CAPS gauntlet:

In a segment on LevinTV, Levin said, “It’s truly a disgrace that Trump won’t stand toe-to-toe and debate Ted Cruz. It’s our loss, and we should continue to demand that he do it. I’d be happy to have them here with any moderator they want or no moderator. And we’ll bring these folk in here, we’ll use this studio — it’s very comfortable — and they can have their debate.”

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