Bush, Obama, Iraq, and The Blame Game

Like all of us, I have watched the television talking heads and have been reading the liberal blogging pundits, Facebook philosophers, and those brave Twitter hashtag warriors worry and fret about Obama (as well as their ruinous progressive ideas going up in smoke) and continue to blame Bush.  For everything and anything bad that happens during THIS Presidency, all 5 years and 148 days of a reign of arrogance, ineptness, and blatant corruption.

It’s disingenuous and pitiful, but of course it’s completely in keeping with their modus operanti when covering for the massive avalanche of Obama scandals and screw ups that have happened on his watch.

The disaster that has come about in Iraq is Obama’s responsibility.  Period.  Regardless of what you think of what George W. Bush did when he was President, he is gone, and this country voted for Obama twice because they wanted “change”.  You can watch and read everything you could possibly want to know about every pundit’s views on Iraq and what happened, is happening, and what will happen, and still, Obama is the one in charge, the one responsible, the one with the big desk where the buck stops.

And I’m sure that’s not how “The One” wanted it to go.

How is this possible?  Didn’t Obama promise a golden age where the oceans would cease to rise?  Isn’t this the man who spent over a billion dollars to become President, promising “Hope and Change”?  Obama has been President for over 5 years and the White House, the media, and the brain trust occupying Twitter are still talking about what Bush should or shouldn’t have done? Evidently we are to just forget he’s President.   Obama winning the Presidency…twice…does not diminish the craving of the left to place blame on anyone other than their Messiah.  Any difficult Presidential challenge is just not his fault or responsibility.  Ever.  Even if his bone-headed actions directly and negatively affect the security of this country.  And by the way, you’re a racist. Didn’t he campaign relentlessly for this job and all it entailed?  Didn’t he win on his promises to fix all the injustice that Bush supposedly heaped on this country?  Or was Obama just interested in the perks?

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