Nursing Moms stage ‘Nurse-In’ at Chick-Fil-A

Here at Victory Girls, we bloggers are in possession of breasts and a lot of us have kiddos.  Some of us chose to breast feed, and some did not.  Both the “dids” and “did nots” have valid reasons particular to they and their children.  Just so that’s….er…out front… I am making no judgment calls on either.  Both choices are valid and I can and will defend both arguments. 

But, really….there’s a need to “raise awareness” about breastfeeding?!?  Hasn’t this been going on for a very long time?  Since the beginning of time? Actually, I think perhaps their purpose was to “raise awareness about our particular mission, which is to make people who are uncomfortable with us breastfeeding without covers and in public very very very bad and guilty about it.”

From this article:

“Mothers at the nurse-in said they want to help businesses understand how to handle customers who may be offended by breastfeeding.” 

Seriously? Right now, everybody raise their hand that is “offended” by breastfeeding!  I have not EVER heard of one woman or man who is “offended” by breastfeeding. I have, however, heard of some people who are uncomfortable with a nursing mother who disrobes indiscreetly in public and doesn’t use a cover.  Personally, I don’t care.  But I’ve watched my own wonderful dad, who raised 6 kids, all nursed, squirm as a woman completely open her blouse in full view of restaurant patrons and proceeded to feed her baby with one breast in its mouth and the other propped up on the table.  No attempt to cover anything and she met my dad’s embarrassed gaze with defiance and arrogance. 

That’s not raising awareness.  That’s being an ass.  And as someone wise once wrote:  “a reasonable person applies grace”. 

There ARE people in the general population who love children, who nursed their own kids and are very “aware” of the benefits of breastfeeding but are uncomfortable with blatant and ungraceful uncovering of body parts in public.   They don’t think breasts are bad, but they think one should make an minimal effort to be discreet and respectful of other people around them. 

Will it soon be ok to take your pants off in public because the hemorrhoids are getting too itchy?  People that haven’t ever experienced them might need to become “aware”!  And what’s next, ”birth-ins”?  Splayed out on a restaurant booth, in full bear down mode?  That’s “natural”.  Why not just let the general population become more “aware”? 

How do you feel about this?

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