Obama Scandal List

The Obama administration’s scandals are numerous, yet Obama and his media are wont to say that they are “phony scandals” that the Republican Party like to chase. But not in our wildest dreams could we have imagined the magnitude of these “phony scandals.” The numbers themselves suggest something less than the stellar transparency promised, and quite possibly more towards the corruption that he promised to eradicate.

In the beginning of his presidency everything was President George Bush‘s fault. Which brings us to Fast and Furious, and the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in December 2010. The ATF lost track of hundreds of firearms that were “walked” across the border and into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, theoretically so they could track the cartels. They blamed the Bush administration because this started during his presidency. The only difference is, when Bush and his people were in charge, they actually put tracking devices in the weapons. The Obama team didn’t. Those weapons are still out there, killing people. Where, is anybody’s guess.

Eric Holder perjured himself when he told Congress in 2011 that he had just recently heard of Fast and Furious. There was clear evidence to the contrary. He should have resigned.

James Rosen, a Fox News Reporter was accused by the Justice Department of being a criminal-co-conspirator. His phones and email accounts were monitored.

Eric Holder perjured himself again when he said he had no knowledge of any “potential prosecution” of a journalist, when in fact he signed the paperwork that termed Rosen a criminal. He should have resigned.

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