Morsi Supporters Promise Terrorist Attacks and Weekend Links!

Morsi Supporters Promise Terrorist Attacks and Weekend Links!

So we saw this week the ouster of Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood buddies in Egypt, led by “democratically elected” terrorist President Mohamed Morsi, after just 2 years in office. Governin’ is hard, y’all! And the Morsi supporters? Well, butthurt. But they promise to make a comeback… in the form of terrorist atrocities. Watch this video:

Aw… you mad, bro and er, mam?!?

In all seriousness, I hate terrorism. It’s changed all of our lives forever and frankly, I don’t see a lot of peace in Islam. Terrorists will always hate us and want us dead. So, in my view, you don’t rationalize or compromise with a mad dog. You simply kill it – hard – before it kills you but I guess that’s for another blog post. And though I would never be a supporter of Morsi – and by extension, the terrorists of the Muslim Brotherhood – keep in mind this was a military coup, stepping in (rightly or wrongly) to oust an elected government. It was not a 2nd Revolution or Arab Spring. The situation remains at this writing, very fluid.

You’ll remember, two years ago, Obama basically shoved the Sharia-loving Morsi down the world’s collective throat but now, Egypt seems to want to live in a secular society again; rejecting the oppressive restraints of Sharia-creep that’s occurred since the Islamists were “elected”.

And Obama today? Well he’s been a bystander and completely worthless during the events of this past week. And after all their lies, we know we can’t count on the US State Department, under the leadership of moronic John F’ing Kerry, to play any meaningful or long lasting role in helping to stabilize Egypt. The heavy lifting will once again have to be done by others like Germany or France, ceding yet again our “Leader of the Free World” status. I fear the future remains grim for Egypt.


Great Weekend Blog Reading Links!

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Phineas at Sister Toldjah has up a post on “#Benghazi: House Republicans want to talk to key colonel, but the Pentagon can’t find him??”

Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection has up a great post today on “Racialized prosecutorial indiscretion in the Zimmerman case.”

Dan at Gay Patriot has up an interesting blog post on “Conservatives take a stand against actor who slurred a gay man (GLAAD gives the guy a pass: HRC silent).” Go check it out.

Have you been to Acting School with Nick Searcy? You need to go now! Don’t forget to “Subscribe” because it’s awesome. 🙂

Glenn Reynolds or Instapundit has many great posts at his blog hub from all over the blogosphere so go check them out! And you can read Glenn’s latest column in USA Today here.

Emily at NakedDC has a blog post up on “Piers Morgan would like America to return to the loving arms of Britain”.

Dana at The First Street Journal has up a great post with great pics called “Rule 5 Blogging: Basic Combat Training at Fort Jackson.”

B5 over at Blackfive has up a post called “Pin-Ups for Vets” Need…Vets!”

Max at MaxRedline has up a great post called “Another Obama Foreign Policy Win.” Snort.

Jammie at Jammie Wearing Fools has up a post on “Who’s the Most ‘Racist’? What a new poll does and doesn’t tell us.”

This Ain’t Hell has a bunch of great posts up today including this one by Jonn called “Combat role for woman should include their eligibility for the draft.” Make sure you check out the comments.

As always, Michelle Obama’s Mirror has up a terrific blog post called “No Beards!?! What Difference, at This Point, Does it Make?” 🙂

American Power also has up this blog post on “Sarah Silverman Wants to ‘Anally Probe’ Governor Scott Walker.” Yeah, she’s still mouthing off and still pretty much a pig.

Dan Riehl has a blog post up at Riehl World View on “CA HS teacher Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst, 28 arrested, had 16 yr-old student’s baby.” Sigh.

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Ed has a great blog post up at Hot Air on “News outlets reject pro-life ad for being “too controversial.” Libs just can’t handle the truth on abortion.

and finally, Dave in Texas at AoSHQ has up this awesome blog post “The Aftermath of Gettysburg.”

Have a terrific weekend!

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