Obamacare: A Behemoth That Won’t Be Easy To Repeal, Replace, Or Repair [VIDEO]

Obamacare: A Behemoth That Won’t Be Easy To Repeal, Replace, Or Repair [VIDEO]

Obamacare is a behemoth wrapped in a Medusa of regulations covered with incomprehensible gobbledygook that no one can decipher, not even the people it’s supposed to help!

Original Obamacare Bill

From the very start ACA was never “Affordable.” I’m talking financial AND what patients and medical professionals have to deal with. Losing healthcare, losing doctors, costly premiums and skyrocketing deductibles, worry over the issues of pre-existing conditions, medications not covered by, insurance companies pulling out of the market place… the list goes on.

We’ve written about all the problems multiple times, and Kim speaks eloquently about her own battles with ACA here.

  • In 2015 her premium jumped from $188 to $399 per month, then jumped another $200 less than a year later.
  • In effort to keep doctors and specialists she liked, she had to shop for new health insurance TWICE under Obamacare.
  • Newest plan was $733 per month, $333 after receiving a subsidy.
  • Original plans prior to Obamacare covered physicals, flu shots, and X-rays necessary for diagnosis of illness such as pneumonia. The current ACA plan she is on? Covers NONE of those.

So, Kim liked and managed to keep her doctors. Yay!!?? Umm, no. Not when hidden costs are tripping everyone up. Kim is far from alone. We know so many others who are dealing with the same. Part of the reason for these hidden expenses? The additional 20,000 pages of regulations that are now attached like leeches to the damn thing!

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