White Student Attacked for Wearing Dreadlocks [VIDEO]

White Student Attacked for Wearing Dreadlocks [VIDEO]

A young man with matted, disheveled hair was recently harassed at San Francisco State University by a female student.

Was he exposing himself? Was he making lewd comments?

No. He was “appropriating her culture.”

White Hipster Guy with dreadlocks. How dare he!

The young man, Cory Feldstein, was handed a flyer by a black female student when she withdrew the flyer and told him “sorry, we don’t want people with your hair here.”

I kid you not. Here’s a video of the incident.

Black conservative pundit Kevin Jackson wrote at his blog, The Blacksphere: “Who is this chick, Shaniqua X? Who died and made her the “Keeper of Blackness?!”

So what constitutes this so-called “cultural appropriation?”

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