Katha Pollitt confesses: Why, yes indeed, Feminism *IS* pro-abortion

Whether it was at the height of 2nd Wave Feminism of the 1970s with Roe v Wade and the ERA, or the dogma churned out by Women’s Studies programs of 3rd Wave Feminism starting in the 1990’s, the dismissive answer to any questioning or criticism of left-feminism’s increasing radicalized goals was the same.

What kind of woman are you for opposing women having equal rights?

Women have learned to take such Feminists at their word. If Feminism is defined as the primacy of Equal Rights, then we sisters who believe in equal rights but who may disagree on issues of economics or culture or politics are just as feminist. We can be feminist AND be capitalist, individualist, religious and pro-life.

Why, no, claims The Nation’s Katha Pollitt. One cannot be a feminist and pro-life. [Can’t you hear her stamping her little feet when she says this? … ed.]

Because Equal Rights isn’t a definition of Feminism – Pro-Abortion is.

Without abortion rights, there isn’t a lot left to the fundamental ideals of equality and self-determination. …

One sperm can derail a woman for life. The patriarchal religions that sustain the anti-abortion movement explicitly oppose those ideals and correctly recognize that reproductive rights are what make them possible. …

[E]ven when it’s made by hipsters, the anti-choice argument inevitably demands that a woman drop everything to incubate that egg, so how would that work out?

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