#Obamacare: Proceed With Caution Not Haste To Repeal, Revise, Or Replace [VIDEOS]

#Obamacare: Proceed With Caution Not Haste To Repeal, Revise, Or Replace [VIDEOS]

It is a fact that Obamacare is a failure. We’ve written about the issues and problems with the healthcare insurance act that was shoved down our throats years ago. Just the other day, Kim wrote a post outlining how ‘helpful’ Obamacare has been. The result? Health insurance costs out of control, doctors disappearing, and more.

The current incarnation of Obamacare has caused problems for everyone. There is much of it that needs repealed, revised, or replaced. The GOP recognizes that and is moving quickly to set things in motion.

However, its wise not to be hasty. You see, not everyone thinks ACA is all that bad.

But others, including many of our own Victory Girls, have lost their insurance not once, not twice, but three or more times. People need financial assistance (loans) in order to manage the 30-150% increases in premiums. Still others decided to punt and deal with the IRS fines. The market has no competition anymore and the choices are few and far between.

So yes, this hideously unaffordable insurance act needs changed. Parts of it need to disappear, and parts of it should be revised…carefully and thoughtfully. One of the issues that supposedly drove the ACA into being was problems with people penalized for being chronically ill or having pre-existing conditions. ACA was supposed to fix that. It hasn’t. ACA was supposed to be the end all be all for everyone. But it isn’t.

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