CDC Spends $1 Million on “Manhood 2.0” To Bring “Healthy Masculinities” To Young Black Men

Who spends almost a $1 million dollar chunk of change on a program to change gender norms? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, of course!

The project, entitled “Manhood 2.0” seeks to produce “healthy masculinities” in young black males in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania using a curriculum which involves “identifying examples of policing gender and sexuality” and teaches young men that masculinity is not about physical strength.

So now, gender is a “disease”. Especially if you’re a young, black male. HOW, pray tell, is this not offensive to the black community?

According to The Washington Free Beacon, The study is enrolling 900 teenagers in 14 community centers in Pittsburgh into its “Manhood 2.0 curriculum” or a job skills program, to see which program is better at changing attitudes about sexual assault.

The “Manhood 2.0” curriculum or a job skills program. Sadly, this should not be an either or proposition. Why not give them both? Elizabeth Miller, professor of pediatrics at the University of Pittsburgh who is leading the study, provides more details on what exactly is “gender transformative programming”:

“‘Gender transformative programming’ involves identifying and challenging rigid masculinity norms about what it means to be a man, identifying examples of policing gender and sexuality (through media messages), and envisioning different ways of expressing one’s masculinity (that does not involve physical strength, use of violence, sexual conquest).”

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