Is There A Rape Culture Or Are Lena Dunham And Rolling Stone Just Irresponsible?

I wish I could say that the current status of “feminism” in this country is laughable, but instead I have to say it nauseates me. We have arrived, as a society, in a place where Hollywood starlets (like Lena Dunham) can accuse men of rape years later and for no better reason than a possible political disagreement. The woman that Rolling Stone magazine profiled and who accused a number of fraternity members at University of Virginia (UVA) of rape in a widely panned article  in their November issue has since been uncovered as a fraud due to the inconsistencies in her story.

The infamous UVA rape article in Rolling Stone

Now, according to an exclusive one-on-one interview with the Daily Caller it seems that this story may have been one tortured girls attempt at retribution for rejection. A man referred to in the Rolling Stone article as “Randall” , whose real name is Ryan, was one of the men mentioned as a friend who she had confided in about the rape, and he has now come forward to tell his side of the story. She was identified in the piece as “Jackie”. It seems that prior to the whole messy Rolling Stone business, Ryan had rejected “Jackie” when she confessed to having a crush on him. Ryan tells Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller in the interview that he when told “Jackie” he wasn’t interested in dating her she did not take it well at all.

“There was a lot of crying involved,” Ryan told The Daily Caller in an interview on Friday of the conversation with Jackie after she expressed interest in dating him during the fall semester of their freshman year.”

When asked if the rejection could have led her to create her story, Ryan said that was a definite possibility.

Students in California Supporting the “Sex Contract” Bill

In this climate of insanity, we now have a bill  in California that if signed by Governor Jerry Brown (aka Governor Moonbeam) it would require a consent contract between two co-eds who decide to have sex on campus-or else the college’s state funding could be cut off.

“If enacted, it would make colleges adopt a student conduct policy requiring “affirmative, conscious, and voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity,” as a condition for state funding. The bill defines consent to sex as the presence of a “yes” rather than the absence of a “no,” a cultural shift that victim’s groups have long advocated. In practice, colleges would be required to use the bill’s definition when they teach students about sexual assault during orientations, and when investigating claims of sexual assault. It would apply any public or private colleges that receive state financial aid funding.”

Now, don’t get me wrong dear reader. As the survivor of a traumatic experience myself I am sensitive to the issue of rape on campus-heck, rape in general. However, I have also known women who decided to play the rape card when what they really had experienced was having it off with someone whom they later regretted sleeping with. Is that rape? NO, not by ANY stretch of the imagination. To title it such, to accuse a man of something so heinous when it is false, is unforgivable.

Is THIS where “feminism” has taken us today?

As the mother of a son, who I hope one day will go off to college, I view this whole phenomenon with a wary eye. I am not sure how to educate him on how to approach the inevitable-being sex at college. Do I advise him to get a contract signed and witnessed prior to engaging in a sexual act with a longtime girlfriend, in order to protect his future if she becomes famous and decides to point to him as a rapist,  like Lena Dunham did to “Barry One” or like “Jackie” did to Ryan in the UVA case? Do I allow his future to be tainted by any mistake he makes in the area of bedding co-eds?

I suggest that we as mothers teach our sons to be gentlemen. Never be alone with a girl if you can help it. Go on double dates in public places. Observe a buddy system to ward off false allegations. I also ask that mothers of daughters teach them to take responsibility for their actions. If they make a mistake and sleep with a man they regret sleeping with-put on your big girl panties and don’t repeat those actions! But we should all make it crystal clear to all our young people that you DO NOT EVER falsely accuse ANYONE of rape.

To do so cheapens the experiences of those who have survived heinous actions at the hands of real abusers and makes it much harder to get a conviction in real cases; and that benefits no one.

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