Exposing the Republican “Liberty” Caucus, Part 3: Shady Money and Shadier Leaders

Note: This is the third installment in a series exposing the Republican Liberty Caucus for the leftist, pro-abortion, anti-Christianity organization that it is, and throwing open the closet on their corruption, lies, and machinations. Part 1 showed the first few years of history, and Part 2 brought it up to the present day. Part 3 focuses on the new leader of the RLC, and the largest state charter, Washington State, where this author was a paying member of the RLCWA until very recently. (Apparently our resignations were not accepted…read on.)

by Kit Lange and R. Clayton Strang

There are two kinds of issues: core, and peripheral—and these are different for every person. Core issues elect candidates, for they are what people camp on. Peripheral issues are the ones that you’re willing to negotiate on; a candidate may disagree with you, but you’ll still vote for him if he meets your core. One voter, for instance, may have considered the war in Iraq their number one priority core issue in the 2008 election—and the reason they voted for Obama, even if they disagreed with his social policies. A social conservative (or as some of them call themselves, liberty-minded conservative) holds one value above everything else: the defense of life. Some hold this as equal and even above the Second Amendment right to self-defense against tyranny, for the killing of an unborn child is the ultimate in tyranny.

We have already seen how the RLC has always been pro-abortion. Its leaders are staunch abortion defenders—even up to the minute a baby takes its first breath outside the womb. To hardcore “libertarians” like Dave Nalle and Bill Westmiller, a woman has the “right” to murder her child even as she gives birth to it, as long as it has not taken a breath yet. In order to attract social conservatives, however, they toned down their shocking belief system and made it “neutral,” claiming that “honest and ethical” differences of opinions could exist.  Current RLCWA leadership, including state chairman Sandra Belzer and Snohomish County Chairman Brian Landsberger, claimed they were pro-life, and offered assurances to prospective members that they could help the RLCWA change their platform to reflect life as the foundation of liberty.  Sadly, several pro-life activists actually believed them.

The Republican Liberty Caucus held their national convention a few weeks ago in Austin, TX.  Dave Nalle, hardcore libertarian and partial-birth abortion advocate was ousted as Chairman, a position he had held since 2009.  While he seemed to enjoy widespread support for most of his term as chair, comments made by Nalle during the WA State fight to defend life showed him to be not only unrepentant of his organization’s history, but defended his current stand and even personally attacked those who bothered to point out the obvious problems with the RLC’s platform and disdain for Christians or pro-life conservatives.  He called this author “childish and manipulative” for writing this series, and said the beliefs of people like current and former chairmen have nothing to do with the organization.  That’s like saying just because Osama bin Laden hated America doesn’t mean he imparted that belief system to his organization.

Why was Nalle voted out?  Who could possibly be a better RLC Chair than someone who was obviously so in touch with the libertarian platform, who had defended both National’s abortion plank and the RLCWA’s shady tactics?  One could speculate, but we will let facts speak for themselves.  Perhaps the answer lies in Nalle’s replacement, Matt Nye—the former national RLC Treasurer.   Nye is a very interesting choice.  He’s extremely visible in Florida, and his credentials are exactly the kind of thing you would want if you were a libertarian group who wanted to market to conservatives: He’s a Tea Party favorite, has had the label of “ultra-conservative” applied to him, and there is nothing, anywhere, ever, that addresses Nye’s position on abortion.  In other words, he’s the perfect candidate to bring back the conservative pro-life stragglers and help mend the pro-abortion, anti-religion reputation of the RLC.  The only problem is, Matt Nye has an interesting past as well.

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