North Korea Escalates, Japan and US Agree To Further Action [VIDEO]

North Korea Escalates, Japan and US Agree To Further Action [VIDEO]

The news on Friday that North Korea had shot off another ICBM that landed in Japanese territorial waters was not good news for anyone.

(Photo credit: PEDRO UGARTE/AFP/Getty Images)
The distance on that missile, according to experts, could put most of the United States in range for a missile attack.

“We assess that this missile was an intercontinental ballistic missile, as had been expected,” Pentagon spokesman Jeff Davis said in a statement. “The missile was launched from Mupyong-ni and traveled about 1,000km before splashing down in the Sea of Japan. We are working with our interagency partners on a more detailed assessment,” he said.

Melissa Hanham, an expert in North Korea’s missile program from the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, said the test showed that “Alaska was in range” and a 45-minute test flight suggested it could reach New York City.

Jeffrey Lewis of the California-based Middlebury Institute of International Studies said the launch showed Los Angeles was within range of a North Korean missile, but that Chicago, New York City and Washington DC remained just out of reach.

“They may not have demonstrated the full range. The computer models suggest it can hit all of those targets,” he said.

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley was rightly fed up.

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