New Hampshire: Dartmouth Students Criticize Hillary, Say She Has ‘Blood on Her Hands’

New Hampshire: Dartmouth Students Criticize Hillary, Say She Has ‘Blood on Her Hands’
Hillary "listening." (Photo Credit Daily Mail)
Hillary “listening.” (Photo Credit Daily Mail)

Last week, Victory Girls shared the concerns of what some students at Iowa’s Kirkwood Community College saw in a Hillary Clinton candidacy. Clinton visited the campus last week in a highly-controlled powwow, the ending of which resulted in an embarrassing display of liberal media ScoobyVan-chasing hysteria, and a revelation that the “listening” chats were seeded not with “the folks” as her campaign would have us believe, but with hand-picked Democrat operatives. Well, now Hillary is facing similar concerns from more (real!) students. This week: Dartmouth College.

Fifty random students were interviewed prior to Hillary’s New Hampshire barnstorm this week, and one issue was broached by no less than twenty-two of those students: Benghazi.

“I think there was blood on her hands.” [Cameron Poole] said he believes Clinton’s performance before, during and after should disqualify her from holding higher office. “I definitely do,” he said. “It shows how she acts under pressure.” — Cameron Poole, Freshman

On the issue of political opportunism, Poole continued:

“It almost seems like she tried to use the position of first lady to nudge her way into possessing political power,” he mused, dropping hints about her “Hillarycare” medical insurance overhaul proposal.

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