A Young British Woman Addressed the UN. Oh, She has Down Syndrome, Too. [VIDEO]

A Young British Woman Addressed the UN. Oh, She has Down Syndrome, Too. [VIDEO]

Recently Iceland proudly proclaimed that the nation was eliminating Down Syndrome. Only thing, they’re not exactly ending the genetic cause of Down Syndrome. They’re terminating unborn children who possess that extra chromosome. And they’re mighty proud of it, too.

However, there’s one young woman in Britain who has some very outspoken ideas on Iceland. Her name is Charlotte Fien, and she goes by “Charlie.” At 21 years old, Charlie is an activist for people with Down Syndrome. In addition, Charlie also has a job as a golf coach, as well as an active social life and a boyfriend.

Charlie Fien.

Oh, and one more thing: Charlie has Down Syndrome.

Obviously, that extra chromosome doesn’t slow Charlie down. In fact, in March she addressed the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, speaking out to defend life.

Charlie isn’t the only person with Down Syndrome who exhibits joie de vivre. Take little Sofia Sanchez, for example. She wants the world to know that Down Syndrome isn’t scary. And it didn’t scare her parents, either. They adopted her from the Ukraine, and she joined an older adopted brother. He has Down Syndrome, too.

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