#BishopAirport: Amor Ftouhi Attacks Lt. Jeff Neville While Screaming Allahu Akbar [VIDEO]

#BishopAirport: Amor Ftouhi Attacks Lt. Jeff Neville While Screaming Allahu Akbar [VIDEO]

While the rest of the U.S. and especially the Liberal Left were clutching their pearls over Jon Ossoff’s loss to Karen Handel this morning, a police officer at Bishop Airport in Flint, Michigan was attacked.

A Canadian man yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’ repeatedly stabbed the officer including in the neck at the airport on Wednesday morning, witnesses told NBC News.
The saying means ‘God is great’ in Arabic, and is often shouted by Islamic terrorists before attacks or suicide bombings.
The police officer involved in the incident has been identified as Lieutenant Jeff Neville.

Lieutenant Neville was stationed at the top of one of the airport escalators when he was attacked by a crazed guy wielding a type of Bowie knife. Others tackled the suspect and Lt. Neville was transported to the hospital in critical condition.

Supposedly the suspect came to the United States via New York from Quebec. It is unclear right now how or why he ended up in Michigan. What we do know is that he tried to initially purchase a gun, was denied – SEE GUN LAWS DO WORK!, and purchased a knife instead.

Bishop Airport – Flint, Michigan

The FBI was immediately called in and took over the investigation. Initially they downplayed the situation and inferred that this was an isolated incident. Keep in mind that the attacker said some very specific words during the attack.

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