Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day

Creepiest. Photo. EVER.

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  • Wayne says:

    Worse than this one?

  • mkfreeberg says:

    No, by sheer coincidence Gerard put up a photo that sums up everything that is wrong with the Internet. Although it has nothing to do with the subject at hand, I find it to be much, much worse.

    Your photo sums up everything wrong with the democrats, for the last hundred years: Their guiding principle is that if you belong to a victim group that’s accumulated enough “cred,” you should have a job for which you aren’t qualified in the slightest. Now they’re finally caught up in a struggle in which they’ve got to figure out which designated victim group has more cred. And writhe in agony about it. Every single day. For months. While we all watch.

    I’m glad I gave up all hope in this sham election back when Fred dropped out, so I can enjoy it. One last bit of unintended comedy before the whole thing shudders to a stop. Last one out, please turn off the lights.

  • I R A Darth Aggie says:

    I am Obama O’Clinton, born in the year 1946 to Clan O’Clinton in the village of Chicago on the shores of Loch Michigan. And I am immortal.

  • Angry White Guy says:

    See, I’m waiting for the sword-fight…

  • david says:

    You know that too-hip phrase, “I think I just threw up a little in my mouth?”


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