CBC Wants NBA To Strip Ownership From Owners Who Engage In “Racially Insensitive Behavior”…

CBC Wants NBA To Strip Ownership From Owners Who Engage In “Racially Insensitive Behavior”…

So, we have pulled off of the exit along the highway of our society in which we are now going to pillory anyone, especially the rich white dude who signs the paychecks, for the things he utters in private.  And also, we are going to take his property in the form of forced divestiture of his assets and exile him.

That ladies and gentlemen, is called Communism/Totalitarianism….

The Congressional Black Caucus (of race hustlers and know nothings–I always add that when I see that title…) yesterday held a press conference to push for the ability of the NBA to take the property of team owners because of their utterances and beliefs…  I know everyone is thinking “That can’t be true Dejah, are you high on fingernail polish remover again?”

But Really…

The lawmakers, including several members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), suggested the league should wield more authority over individual owners — including more power to strip ownership — while maintaining the capacity to levy larger fines for racially insensitive behavior.

Seems that things aren’t going their way though…

Yet, some analysts on Tuesday questioned whether the league has the power to strip Sterling’s ownership of the Clippers based just on his comments, even with a three-fourths vote. They predicted there would be an extended legal battle, especially as Sterling is reportedly vowing to keep the team.

Now normally, I don’t give two hoots in hell about sports or what rich white dudes think about anyone, nor what they do with their money or their mixed race mistresses. Let me ask those who have the vapors over what this rich white dude who signs the front of the paycheck said.  Ever say something about your boss to your spouse on the ride home from work that you wouldn’t want your boss or your kids to hear?  Ever say something that your mother wouldn’t be proud of you for saying?  Ever make a joke, use a racial epithet or say something you wouldn’t want heard in mixed company?

Yeah, I ain’t that pure either….

My point to most of this is that when I hear about people in power wanting to take someone’s property or money and exile them for what they say or believe, I think of gulags, mind/thought crimes and totalitarianism.  I think of people being locked in prison because they did not believe as their government masters or powerful bureaucrats told them to believe.  I think of the opposite of what the First Amendment was invented for.

I know many think this guy should be shot into space after being rolled naked in broken glass, but I am going to uncomfortably defend him, because the First Amendment wasn’t for protecting easy speech, it was for protecting speech that advocates the overthrow of governments, spouts racism and sexism, and puts forth the most awful and vile of ideas.  It was put there because as much as I hate to admit it, the vile things that people say are just as valuable in the eyes of the First Amendment as the most gracious of them.  It is not illegal to hate anyone because of their race, religion, creed or color and to say so whenever you please, but you can count on a reaction from people when you say things like that, and some of them won’t be friendly.  Our founders knew that thinking citizens were not required to like the sentiments of any idea or utterance, but the freedom to utter it was what was most important.  The libsuckheads and the race grievance mongers are the worst kind of freedom haters, because they believe only in Free Speech they agree with, because their wussified souls cannot tolerate (ironic huh?) anything that offends them; which pretty much offends me.

So liberals and other assorted wusses, if you don’t like what one rich white dude said, then don’t.  I say that the CBC should STFU and get back to the business of, well, whatever they were doing before rushing to the cameras and whipping out their Race Card (it is maxed out BTW), and the vendors, sports fans, advertisers, players and businesses that interact with this NBA owner should do what the rest of us who have the sense given them by God do…  Vote with our feet and our money, never to be seen again by the likes of people whose message we don’t like.

Whole lot easier than members of the US Congress advocating for the punishment of thought crimes and forced property confiscations huh?

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  • Miss Ladybug says:

    I don’t think Congress needs to get involved in this. I guess it really Congress down to what the rules/bylaws are for the NBA and if those rules allow for a forced sale for any reason, so long as they have enough votes. Private organization with rules agreed to by those involved in it…

  • GWB says:

    Are you simply angry at the CBC (*not* the Christian Broadcasting Corporation!) for sticking their noses in? If so, then I concur. But, as long as they aren’t agitating for legislation, they are nothing more than a group of folks famous for something other than their wisdom (individual or collective) who feel the need to spout off because… famous!

    I was angry this morning when I first heard of the intent to force him to sell the Clippers (not sure where the NBA is on that at the moment). I thought “How rotten that they think they can force him to do such a thing!” Then I remembered that he and his team are part of an organization with by-laws and such. He doesn’t just own a business – he owns a part of a business with very specific rules. If he breaks those rules, they have a right to punish him according to the rules.

    As to the hue and cry, I don’t mind so much. We consider his stupidity to be worthy of vocal condemnation. I don’t care that much about his asinine comments or attitudes. I don’t watch basketball, and couldn’t identify a basketball celebrity after Michael Jordan (except Rodman, who continues to bedevil us with his special brand of asininity). But, folks are more than welcome to berate him and let him know just how awful they think he is.

  • Xavier says:

    What troubles me the most about this is precedent. When you consider that nearly every occupation has some sort of oversight body, and that body could be open to threats, pressure and the promise of rewards, there’s a huge potential for non-legislative vindictiveness. If someone decides to accuse you of racism, homophobia, or islamophibia, they can operate entirely outside the legal system, and even get open approval from the President and community leaders.

    This is called a pogrom.

    Remember, your private conversations can and will be used against you. Combine this with email and phone surveillance, Amazon’s $25 home microphones for “shopping” and the police’s habit of planting illegal cell tower recording devices, and anyone who falls out of favor can be persecuted.

    This is called authoritarianism.

    History may not repeat, but it rhymes.
    (did I steal that from someone here?)

  • Jen says:

    There is an interview floating around of a grievance monger who picked out another NBA team owner and suggested that because he has been against gay marriage, he is advocating discrimination of the “gay race”(yes, in case you didn’t know it, being homosexual is now a race) and should be investigated and sanctions considered including removing him from team ownership.

  • VALman says:

    From Rush Limbaugh’s site:

    “You can find eight NBA players and one coach, a total of nine men who have hooked up with 55 women and produced 72 children over the past few years with no marriages involved. This is also the NBA. The NBA is so concerned about one longtime racist idiot in a private conversation with his 50-year younger girlfriend. I’m sure glad they, the media and the NBA, are so happy to have cleaned up the league.”

    Sometimes the people taking the high moral ground are not exactly the people that ought to be taking the high moral ground.

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