Bloody, Bloody Pride

Bloody, Bloody Pride

Bloody, Bloody Pride

The alphabet mafia, especially the TQ+ wing, is in the midst of a orgy of Queering of America. It is coming at the price, not just of women, but – ironically enough – gay youth. Youth that are being encouraged and applauded for physical mutilation.

This is alarming beyond words. It’s not bad enough that “Pride” celebrations involve very adult entertainment (and yes, you’re a bad parent if you take your kids). From floats with gyrating men in jock straps to a pantheon of males in womanface, the month-long spectacle of Rainbow-hued bullying of the normies now includes the celebration of body mutilation.

And we can thank RuPaul for this kind of messaging,

I’m so old that I remember when we raised alarms about girls engaged in self-harm. You know, like anorexia and cutting?

“Self-injury is not the problem, it is a symptom of something else,” says Michelle M. Seliner, owner and clinical director of S.A.F.E. (Self Abuse Finally Ends) Alternatives in St. Louis, MO. “This could be anxiety, depression, trauma, grief/loss, disordered eating, and poor impulse control.”

Hello? :::tap tap tap::: Is this mic on? Detransistioners brave enough to face the Queer bullies have testified that they were suffering just these underlying issues when they were coached into transistioning as *THE* cure!

We are standing at a crossroads. Down one path lies the continued destruction of women’s sex-based rights, bloody mutilation and sterilization of children and continued destruction of normative families. Down the other is a rejection of the Marxist Queering of Western culture.

In the words of Ronald Reagan, it’s a time for choosing.

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  • GWB says:

    It’s a time for choosing the path of Christian morality. And in more ways than merely “no homosexuality.”
    A return to the Order of Creation would return this issue to the fringes. You are who God made you, and you fit into a world – usually – of His creation. While we shouldn’t stop those who don’t fit the mold and we should help those truly afflicted with things like three-chromosome issues, we should encourage those who are ‘normal’ to battle through the curse of sin (a big part of what puberty is) and actually be normal.

    Of course, returning to a Godly outlook would also fix a lot of those psychological problems. It would promote resiliency, provide good coping mechanisms, and establish a solid foundation for life and the relationships within them.

    But nobody wants to do that, because they’ve all gone after their own hearts. Bringing God back would just “oppress” them. And that wouldn’t be cool and free, right?

  • CRAIG OZER says:

    Why are non-progressives not mutilating their bodies like this!
    I will tell you (you already know).
    These morons do not know the difference between perversions and morality.
    I wish no harm on these idiots, though it should be unlawful to allow them to reproduce or adopt

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