a dithering update on barack obama

a dithering update on barack obama

barack obama says he will ‘announce’ his decision on sending more troops to afghanistan sometime between november 7 and november 20. most say it will be to send more troops but not the 40,000 requested by general mcchrystal. obviously this decision is competing with ‘when to play golf next’ and ‘where should i globe-trot to now’?

the appeaser-in-chief recently told the military ‘I will never rush the solemn decision of sending you into harm’s way’ – this obviously one of his many tiresome pokes at president bush – but the looks on the faces of the guys behind obama in this video say it all.

so if obama doesn’t want to rush to make a decision on more troops for afghanistan, what about the ones in harm’s way now? it seems barack obama wants to do just enough to keep the war in afghanistan going but not enough to win it.

he has clearly failed the test of leadership this country needs but he’s really no longer ‘dithering’. obama has made a decision: it’s to let more troops die in afghanistan than fewer dying to prevail there.

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  • Jay says:

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  • PenniePan says:

    Kate is NOT a milblogger. You give her way too much credit or wass that an insult? Not quite sure.

    There is no goal in Afghanistan. That’s the central issue right now get it? Why the hell are we there? When Darth called Barack “dithering” he was a fool and so were all of you who jumped on it as a way to beat up the President of the United States. What he is really doing is determining what the goals are, and figuring out a way to achieve those goals. Idiots.

  • Scarlett says:

    What are you trying to do here? All of you conservatives? “Palin-ize” Obama? (I just made that up) By painting him as either a quitter or not interested makes him seem like Sarah Palin. He is thoughtful and deliberate not irrational and vengeful.

    Also, I watched the video. I don’t think the Sailors looked to upset. What did you mean?

  • A_Reluctant_Pundit says:

    Obama isn’t dithering. “Dithering” is what the Bush administration did for 7 years in Iraq. Get it right please. This military fundraiser you got going should not even be necessary but for George Bush and his dithering and fretting over Saddam Hussein. Why you would want to bash the President for wanting to make the right decision is beyond me.

  • kate says:

    ‘Why you would want to bash the President for wanting to make the right decision is beyond me.’

    yes A. it is beyond you.

  • Eric says:

    I have a question for the conservatives on this: 44,000 people die every year from inadequate health care because they are uninsured. If terrorists were killing 44,000 Americans a year, would this still be too much money to put a stop to it?

    You are so worried about the cost of HCR yet you are salivate at sending billions and billions of dollars down a rats hole in Afghanistan. Where are your priorities on the welfare of Americans?

  • Mary says:

    “Dithering” is an understatement, almost a silly word. People are dying and the number of deaths each day has tripled under Obama. We need to pray now hard like we’ve neve prayed before. Clearly only God can help us.

  • Wills says:

    Obama knows this is a legacy-type decision. He’s all about his image, even if its far off in the future.

  • BikerDan says:

    Well said Kate. A year ago these stupid liberal freaks thought they elected Jesus Christ himself. Now all they have is just an egotistical, hyper-exposed, verbose politician who cares more about the person he sees in the mirror everyday then the kids fighting for his sorry ass in Afghanistan. If he isn’t going to give them what they need to get the job done right, he needs to have the balls to bring them home instead of having them picked off one at a time by a bunch of demon-possessed thugs.

  • Ken says:

    “You give her way too much credit or wass that an insult?”

    The fact that you can’t tell the difference Pennie says a lot about your intelligence.

    “All of you conservatives? “Palin-ize” Obama? (I just made that up)”

    You just made that up? Wow, I’m so surprised. It’s so different from the usual anti-conservative, meaningless, truth starved, Obamazombie garbage that you usually post.

    I love hearing all the Obama fans talk about how he is diligently considering his “options”. Here’s the FACTS, by the way, so try and keep up Obamabots.

    Afghanistan is slipping away. The commanding generals on the ground say that more troops are needed or we will lose. What else does he have to consider exactly?

    The morons on the left screamed bloody murder when Bush endorsed the surge in Iraq, you know MORE TROOPS, and guess what, it worked. As hard as you ignore that fact and as far as your heads are up your asses, it worked.

    You can sit around crying like children, pointing the finger at Bush (which seems to have defined the Obama administration to this point) or he can MAKE A DECISION.

    OBAMA was the one who ran his campaign saying we’re not fighting “the real war”.

    OBAMA was the one who stated we needed more troops in Afghanistan, yet now he’s not sure.

    Once again, the community organizer votes “present”.


  • Ken says:

    “Where are your priorities on the welfare of Americans?”

    Eric, your post is exactly the kind of ignorant left wing trash that you and your types like to throw around. Republicans don’t want to overhaul the entire health insurance system so we must hate the poor. Pathetic.

    First of all, Eric, most physicians in the United States are against a government takeover of health care.


    “When asked if either of the alternatives to private insurance being discussed–a public option and a co-op option–address the real sources of spiraling health care costs, 92 percent of the 2,566 physicians said no.”

    You get that?

    “Seventy-eight percent believe that a public option would negatively impact the quality of care they can provide their patients.”

    Government run health care would only bring down the level of care of everyone else, not bring up the level of those who need it. Most of Obama’s horror stories about lack of insurance have been shown to be bogus, big surprise. Not to mention check out some of the horror stories of nationalized health care from other countries.

    The Republicans offered up a plan of their own, of course, Obama wouldn’t even consider it. Instead of destroying the health care system for all, they wanted to fix it for a few. Crazy, huh?

    Also, I assume your statistic of 44,000 deaths came from the Harvard study? There is an important part that you “conveniently” left out, isn’t there?


    “However, the study’s authors concede that the research was conducted “at a single point in time” and that they did not validate their subjects’ insurance status. It also pointed to other limitations such as how much value individuals place on their health and on healthy behaviors.”

    Yeah, that kind of “taints” the results, wouldn’t you say.

    Sorry to burst your bubble, Eric, but you cant come here with your bogus numbers and your democratic talking points and get away with it.

    Nice try.

  • micky says:

    “Where are your priorities on the welfare of Americans?”

    The governments first obligation to the people is to keep them from getting their asses blown out from under them.
    So that they can go to work and pay for your health care.

    Why dont you try telling the truth which is that most of that 44,000 either doesnt want care or is not entitled to it.
    Many many more have died before you in order to give you what you have now. Do you think that if we stop those trying to take everything from you will stop ?

  • micky says:

    “What he is really doing is determining what the goals are, and figuring out a way to achieve those goals. Idiots.”

    The goal is to get the hell out of there and make it look like he tried to win.
    He’ll probably say that Bush made such a mess of it there was just no fixing it.

  • Eric says:

    The crisis in this country is in HCR and if you can deflect from that, you will. Thankfully, the Democrats in congress are finally getting a spine and will pass something with or without you.

    Does it matter really what Obama does on Afghanistan? You people won’t like it anyway. Obama takes his time, thinks, listens to all opinions. In the meantime, the conservatives in the country and the press are jumping up and down saying “why hasn’t he decided yet?”

    For now, I am all in favor of more thinking instead of reacting by shooting from the hip on Afghanistan.

  • Ken says:

    Way to completely avoid my posts, Eric, but quite expected. You run like a cockroach with the lights turned on whenever someone whips out real facts.

    I sincerely hope the dems do pass this without Republican help, because it will probably be the one single thing that does that dems in.

    Keep going, please!!!

    As far as Afghanistan, wasn’t Obama one of the voices screaming about a timetable for Iraq? How about one for Afghanistan, or does he get a pass? Of course he does, he’s Obama.

    Your hypocrisy and ignorance exemplify our fears of democrats running the country. They’ve pissed away a trillion dollars on a stimulus that has done NOTHING and now they want to piss away another trillion on health care that will decrease the quality. Simply unbelievable.

    Obama has played more golf in 9 months than Bush did in almost three years, yet he’s “considering his options” on Afghanistan.

    You people truly are out of your minds.

  • Wayne says:

    With all due respect, Obama has every right to take his time in formulating a new plan of action, which must include a new mission objective and a clear exit strategy. You know Afghanistan’s history I’m sure: the Soviet Union and Imperial Britain failed to “prevail” as you say in your post in Afghanistan and the President is smart enough not to go down the same road. Why do you not recognize that?

    Please do not bring up 9/11 either. Al Qaeda has transferred their base to either Yemen or Somalia. All your right wing, rah-rah slogans about “fighting it over there instead of the streets of America” does not make a strategy.

  • micky says:

    How convenient for you if everyone just took your word for it that Al Queda is no longer in Afghanistan. Maybe you should decide if its Yemen or Somalia before you come off so sure of yourself. Why do you think the Taliban are trying so desperately to hold the turf ? And where do you think they get their funding and weaponry from ?

    This idiot in chief cant chew gum and walk at the same time if he cant figure out that no matter what he does we need some extra men there right now as the ones dying are because they lack support.
    Our goal is not anywhere near what ther Brits or the Ruskies had in mind. The Brits wanted to rule, the Soviets were helping the Afghanis against the Mujahideen.
    Neither of them were attacked on their own soil by terrorists being harbored by a rogue state within.

    “fighting it over there instead of the streets of America” does not make a strategy.”

    No one said it did make a strategy but it did keep your ass and everyone elses from being blown off for the last 8 years.

    Everything this schmuck has wanted to do has always been rushed and labled as an emergency that if not handled immediately will have catastrophic results.
    Yet as deaths are at their highest rate ever he can take his time.

  • gene says:

    there shouldn’t be anymore decisions to make on afghanistan or iraq. bring them all home and shut the door on those hell holes.

  • lisab says:

    “Why the hell are we there (afghanistan)?

    because the world cannot afford the price that will come due if afghanistan slides back into chaos or al qaeda operates unchecked.

  • David says:

    Eric said, “44,000 people die every year from inadequate health care because they are uninsured. ”

    Eric, Eric, Eric…. as Kate posted above, that number is a guess based upon old information while making assumptions, BIG assumptions. The report said so itself, even.

    On another note, Micky said, “Everything this schmuck (Obama) has wanted to do has always been rushed and labeled as an emergency that if not handled immediately will have catastrophic results.
    Yet as deaths are at their highest rate ever he can take his time.”

    THIS IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE!! Obama & the DEMS have screamed that the “stimulus” package had to be passed YESTERDAY or the entire nation would come apart; then they said that the health care “reform” bill had to be passed RIGHT NOW or the nation would come apart! But on Afghanistan, they wait. Toodooloo… What a bunch of non-leading, mixed-up priority people!

  • There is no goal in Afghanistan….

  • Ken says:

    “bring them all home and shut the door on those hell holes.”

    “Why the hell are we there (afghanistan)?

    “There is no goal in Afghanistan….”

    The same thing they all said about Iraq. The famous liberal compassion on display, folks. Freedom for me, not for thee.

    It is absolutely amazing how consistent the left is with retreating from threats. It’s worked out for us so well in the past, hasn’t it?

    Your ignorance of history, or even recent events for that matter, is stunning.

  • an-old-soldier says:

    Folks, there is no political will left in either the D or R party to make the hard decisions on Afghanistan. The Rs bluster about how we must send more troops, but not one of them will talk about the real numbers needed, WHICH ARE SIGNIFICANT, let alone about the financial commitments needed or about raising taxes to pay for it all. The Ds are spineless when it comes to war. A loud and powerful minority wants withdrawal but the majority are unwilling to call for it, not wanting their party to be the one who “lost” Afghanistan.

    So they ALL are really dithering, stalling while young soldiers and Marines are dying. In the end, Obama will come in from the 18th hole to send a token increase of forces in country and announce in that beautiful way of his that he has a new and improved strategy. He will top off his beautiful speech by naming a new 4-star who will “see us through to victory” and thank McChrystal for his service, brushing him off his shoulder like he does a flake of dandruff.

    Is there anyone left in Washington that will say to Obama and his band of posturing pacifists “Get serious or Get out!” No, I don’t think so.

  • Ginny's_Mom says:

    This is what we get when the country chooses style over substance. His shameful photo op early this morning with fallen troops at Dover just makes me livid. It’s one thing for a C-in-C to go and pay their respects (like the countless visits Bush and Cheney made) without cameras in tow. It’s another thing to use it to some sort of political advantage right when the country thinks your a spineless weasel who can’t make up his mind to fight or go running home to mama. I can’t stand this guy.

  • David says:

    (I’m surprised that anyone can stand this guy. He’s unstandable.)

  • Ginny says:

    Thanks for the great blog! I see you esteem Mr. O in the same way I do. Have you seen the new LOL Obama bumper stickers? My husband just put them on our cars. We’ve had an incredibly positive response to the “One Big Ass…On a recent trip we even had someone chasing us down the street to ask where we got it! Is this going to result in conservative victories in the polling booths? For the sake of a free America it better. (o:Ginny

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