No Need For Green: Seattle Cutting Down 500 Trees to Make Room For Surveillance Cameras

Seattle may be one of the most ‘green’ cities in the country, both literally and figuratively.  Unfortunately, it’s also known for two more things: excessive force by the police, and mind-numbing liberalism.  To the second point, yesterday it was announced that 500 Douglas firs will be chopped down along Interstate 5 to make room for…more surveillance cameras!  Because saving the trees is really important, unless you have the chance to get all up in people’s business.  Then you can just chop down whatever you like.  Surveillance trumps green, you know.

Of course, they claim it’s so that traffic reports can be updated faster and more accurately, but here’s a news flash: Seattle traffic sucks.  Everyone within a 250-mile radius knows this, and we don’t need more spying cameras to tell us so.

More hypocrisy, brought to you by Those Who Know Best.


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