Chelsea Clinton Whines About Planned Parenthood Money, But Forgets What They Say They Do [VIDEO]

Chelsea Clinton Whines About Planned Parenthood Money, But Forgets What They Say They Do [VIDEO]

Chelsea Clinton took to Twitter to whine about the Iowa legislature voting to defund Planned Parenthood.

“I tweet when I have thoughts.”
Behold, here she is in all her whiny glory.

This is the Slate article that she is referencing.

From the article:

The Republican Party’s offensive on reproductive health struck a major win in Iowa on Thursday, when Planned Parenthood announced that it would close four of its 12 health centers in the state. The closures are the upshot of a recent appropriations bill the GOP-led state legislature and Republican Gov. Terry Branstad ushered through, rejecting $3 million in federal Medicaid funding for family-planning services just for the privilege of blocking family-planning dollars from going to facilities that provide abortion care.

Facing a roughly $2 million funding cut, Planned Parenthood has decided to shutter health centers in Sioux City, Bettendorf, Burlington, and Keokuk on June 30. (The center in Bettendorf will maintain some telemedicine services until it can sell its building.) A Planned Parenthood spokeswoman told the Des Moines Register that the four clinics provided services to 14,676 unique patients over the past three years, and in three of the four counties that have Planned Parenthood clinics closing, those clinics covered 80 percent or more of their counties’ patients who got free or subsidized family-planning care in 2015.
Without federal Medicaid money, Iowa plans to direct around $3.3 million of state funding to creating an independent family-planning program that will exclude facilities associated with abortion care.

A few points that Chelsea Clinton (and Slate, and anyone else who is complaining) should remember…

1) 14,676 patients seen by 4 clinics over 3 years? By my math (14,676 divided by 4, divided by 3), that’s a paltry 1,223 patients at each clinic each year. Maybe Planned Parenthood needed to close those clinics because they were really underperforming – and maybe not necessary?

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