Hillary Clinton Continues To Spin And Blame In Book Promo [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton Continues To Spin And Blame In Book Promo [VIDEO]

What Happened. Hillary Clinton lost.

Perhaps “How Did This Happen?” would have been a better title. As has been covered by Victory Girls previously, Hillary Clinton’s new book is busy blaming pretty much everyone but herself. It’s Bernie’s fault for even getting into the race, and then going even harder left. It’s Obama’s fault for telling her to play nice, and not pushing the Russian angle earlier. It’s always someone else’s fault.

Hillary Clinton on CBS, Sunday, September 10, 2017. Who will she blame for the collar on this outfit??
On Sunday, Hillary continued to prove that she is completely tone-deaf by doing a book promotion in the middle of a huge hurricane. And yes, this was probably filmed ahead and in the can. You don’t think that Hillary Clinton could have called CBS and said, “Hey, this hurricane is pretty serious, so maybe we should push this video back a week”? Of course she could have.

Regardless, she continued with her blame game in her interview with Jane Pauley.

In this one clip, Hillary blames:
– bad analysis by reputable analysts (Nate Silver is mentioned by name)
– James Comey
– Russians
– negative press stories
– Wikileaks getting Podesta’s emails
Facebook taking Russian money to run negative stories on her
– voter suppression
– sexism and misogyny (which she says is “endemic to our society”)


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