#CNNDebate : Jeb Bush Spars With Trump Over Brother’s Legacy and Safety

#CNNDebate : Jeb Bush Spars With Trump Over Brother’s Legacy and Safety

635778610283332766-TrumpBushDebateI, like many Americans, tuned in to listen to the debates last night, and as I listened to the answers I was inspired by Carly Fiorina, forgot that Ted Cruz was there for awhile, kind of got a crush on Marco Rubio, felt my normal disgust over the presence of Trump and Christie, and kept asking who wanted Kasich or Huckabee to attend. I haven’t been a Jeb Bush supporter, and I wouldn’t say I am yet, but I did love one exchange he had with Trump in the debate.

During the debate, Jeb Bush accused Trump of saying that he would rather have had Hillary Clinton negotiating deals than anyone else, to which Trump responded with the typical progressive attack about how Bush’s administration gave us Barack Obama because “it was such a disaster that last three months that Abraham Lincoln couldn’t have won.”

My husband, an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran who hates to hear people STILL bringing up the invasion of Iraq because he feels that our troops could have won had they not been handicapped in the name of political correctness, and I sat and watched Jeb Bush drop his politician persona and stand up for his family. He looked at Trump directly and said that his brother kept us safe, and the crowd went wild with cheers and applause.

Of course the narcissist Trump couldn’t handle that Bush got one over on him, so he asked, “I don’t know. Do you feel safe right now? I don’t feel so safe.”

Well, of course we don’t, you fool. We’ve had 7 years of a thin-skinned, man child who doesn’t give a single hoot about the safety of Americans, and he inspires no fear whatsoever from the world. However, while President Bush was in office, I felt safe. I knew that he would put a boot up the ass of anyone who dared attack his nation – unlike Obama who just sends warnings and makes sure to tell Americans that it is a “small percentage of Muslims” who are radicals.

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