#DisarmHate: Four Gun Control Measures Shot Down in the Senate

#DisarmHate: Four Gun Control Measures Shot Down in the Senate
Obama and his gun-grabbing pen. (Photo credit: SodaHead)
Obama and his gun-grabbing pen. (Photo Credit: SodaHead)

Following the targeted murders of our fellow Americans—who just so happened to belong to the LGBT community, at the hands of a deranged Islamic terrorist who pledged his allegiance to ISIS—the Senate Democrats have spent their days screeching not about how to better secure our nation, but how to effectively disarm law-abiding citizens in the face of a growing threat. It’s their typical reaction every time a mass shooting occurs (let’s ignore Chicago, cough cough), and particularly when the mass shooting is conducted by one of their own: A radicalized Muslim jihadist-slash-Hillary supporter with a gun. So, in response, they filibustered their way to a Senate vote last evening on four gun control measures, none of which would have done a damned thing to stop this jihadist. But hey, never let a good crisis, yada yada yada. The good news is this: they all went down in flames, most importantly the two most egregious. In case you’re unfamiliar, let’s take a quick look at the four measures under consideration. But first, let’s start with the blanket of ignorance in a handy little nutshell:

Hmm. Let’s see:

  1. Dead Orlando terrorist had no criminal record that would deny him a gun purchase.
  2. While he was previously under investigation, the shooter was not currently a suspected terrorist and was not on a terror watch list. And…
  3. He purchased his guns legally, which included a background check.

So. How exactly would this have stopped Orlando? The answer is: It wouldn’t have. But, hey, feelings or something.

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