U.K. News-Bodies Found On Ranches On U.S.-Mexican Border

The latest grisly news to come out of the Southern border region in America is something that is old hat to people who own property on the Mexican-U.S. border and that is the bodies of those who aren’t fortunate enough to make it to a border agent and turn up dead, or nearly dead, on someone’s ranch land. Perhaps one of the most disgusting things about this phenomenon is that you have to read the Daily Mail-a U.K. news source-to find out about it since the American Lamestream Media are, once again, MIA. Perhaps it is because of the simple fact that their messiah Obama himself is responsible for the increased numbers of dead bodies and desperately dehydrated people showing up on border ranches this year.

This man is lucky, the Border Patrol found him and treated him. Photo credt-Getty Images
This man is lucky, the Border Patrol found him and treated him. Photo credit-Getty Images

According to a veterinarian and cattle rancher, who tipped the Daily Mail to the story, Dr. Mike Vickers, he has found whole families clustered under a tree in his front yard “with little bitty toddlers with them”. He has also found the less fortunate folks who expired on his 1,000 acres. Dr. Vickers is also a member of a volunteer group in Texas who has counted as many as 259 dead bodies since 2012 in his native county alone.

The government is not able to confirm, or deny, these reports since they do not keep record of how many expired border crossers are found. The sad truth is that many of these people are simply being executed by the “coyotes” that they pay up to $8,000 to bring them safely across the border.

And while all this is going on in Texas, you have people like Democratic Representative Gary Peters (D-MI) telling people that “Immigration reform isn’t about enforcement”. So, then what is it about? Does he care that people that people are being slaughtered wholesale by drug traffickers and then left in the Texas desert to end up being food for the local wildlife?? Perhaps filmmaker Chris Burgard could arrange for a private screening of his 2007 documentary “Border” for anyone who agrees with Rep. Peter’s sentiment.

Rep. Gary Peters, D-MI

This is also an incredible national security threat, since of the 4,000 illegals apprehended at the Falfurrias border crossing in rural Texas, 82% were Other Than Mexican (OTM). And that isn’t all they are finding out there.

“Burgard also saw an Urdu-to-English dictionary that Vickers picked up near his ranch, dropped by ‘a coyote leading a group of Middle Easterners into our country’. And Chinese immigrants paying up to $50,000 each to be smuggled into Ecuador and then into the United States, are now numerous enough that the federal government has added Mandarin translations to signs at emergency stations dotting the Texas border region.”

chinese signs
An emergency sign in Spanish and Chinese in Texas

When will this madness end you ask? God only knows, but hopefully before some terrorist wanders into South Texas or Southern California with an active case of Ebola. So, how’s that prepping coming?

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