Why Is No One Angry About The OPM Hack And Data Breach?

It made news last week, and then sort of faded away, and it really shouldn’t. The Office of Personnel Management was hacked, and millions of people’s personal information was compromised and possibly stolen. The experts are convinced that the Chinese were behind it, though there is no official confirmation of that.

But what IS confirmed is that the personal information of at least 4.2 million former and current federal employees – birth dates, Social Security numbers, background checks – has now been compromised, and no one at OPM seems really bothered by it. This attack is being referred to as a “cyber Pearl Harbor,” considering the scope and scale of the breach, and yet the general public is unaware or uncaring, unless it personally touches them.

You know who is mad? Both sides of the aisle in Congress. Because this touches far too close to home for them. After all, how many federal employees does each member of Congress know?

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Ava Gardner