The Tucson Memorial Campaign Rally

I wondered if this would happen and it did. The Tucson Memorial for the victims of Saturday’s massacre turned into the first Obama campaign rally of the 2012 election cycle. From WH operatives passing out t-shirts with Obama’s new campaign theme, ‘Together We Thrive,’ to logo-clad seats mourners would sit in during the service, the only thing missing from this Pep Rally was some Hollywood celebutards fawning over His Hipness!

The crowd was cheering and stomping and wildly excited; not exactly mourners honoring the dead. There was an Indian prayer at the beginning (Tucson has a large native population) which received a huge roar from the crowd reminding me of rock concerts I’ve attended. I don’t remember seeing any Christian ministers present on the platform.

This event reminded me of the Senator Paul Wellstone infamous Memorial in Minnesota during which Democrat operatives turned that event into a partisan political propaganda opportunity.

Was that spectacle Memorial suppose to have helped to heal a broken-hearted nation? Or help to bind the wounds of the families? It’s hard for me to put into words, but I know if one of my family members had died in the Tucson mass shooting, I would have been thoroughly and completely disgusted.

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