Katy Perry and Madonna Are Pimping Themselves for Hillary [VIDEO]

Katy Perry and Madonna Are Pimping Themselves for Hillary [VIDEO]

Katy Perry just adores Hillary Clinton. She’s so in thrall with her that she got nekkid in a clickbait video to entice millennials to vote.

Yeah, let those babies out for Hillary!

What a profoundly asinine idea. As millennials would say, “I just can’t even.” The only thing this idiotic video will do is make young men . . . never mind. I don’t want to know.

But Katy Perry was not to be outdone. Madonna had to let her babies out, too, on Twitter.

Madonna is 58 years old. Let that sink in.

Apparently the Material Girl regretted that tweet, because it is now unavailable.

However, we know it read, “Im voting naked with Katy Perry!! Vote for Hillary. She’s the Best we got!????????????. Nude Voting series # 1 pic. — Madonna (@Madonna) September 28, 2016”

Here’s the picture that accompanied the tweet. She forgets that the internet is forever. She also forgets that her age is showing.


So she decided to go with this tweet. Just what everyone needs — an image of Hillary Clinton between Madonna’s spread thighs. Classy.


Help me here. I’m confused. These women are down with feminism. But they love to shed their clothes to make a point. However, nobody had better judge their bodies or see them as sexual objects. They want you to know how smart they are for supporting Hillary. So they’ll strip off their clothes in front of God and everybody to prove that.



Katy Perry, honey, no one confuses you with being a political sage. Madonna, grow up. Get some dignity, woman. And for crying out loud, take some of your millions and do something about your Austin Powers dentition. It makes you look. . . old.

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