Kanye West Running for President in 2020?

Kanye West Running for President in 2020?

I haven’t watched the VMA awards in years, and I have no intentions of ever watching them again. “Waste of time” is an understatement, and at this point I weep for humanity when I witness such societal sewage. I said quite a few years ago that eventually the Video Music Awards would resemble the love child of Rocky Horror Picture Show and Chillicothe Correctional Institution. I know what you’re thinking, and no, I’m not a prophet.

That said, today I find myself watching a clip of the awards so that I can write about what might possibly be the funniest thing to ever happen to a pre-apocalyptic America since Tim Conway told his elephant story; however, the latter was meant to be a comedy. So, without further ado, Kanye West has said he will run for President in 2020, and I don’t think he’s kidding.

See his riveting speech below (Listen, if I had to watch it, so should you):


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