It’s Halloween, Kindly Shove Your Cultural Appropriation In a Tootsie Roll

It’s Halloween, Kindly Shove Your Cultural Appropriation In a Tootsie Roll

Halloween is this coming Tuesday. Lucky for us (sarc.), the Social Justice Warriors and Progressive Indoctrination Training Advisers (or P.I.T.A’s) are here to guide us, the culturally dominant cretins who would culturally appropriate inappropriate cultural costumes.

Those super expensive indoctrination centers (colleges and universities) are holding “Practice Halloween” events so that our little cherubs can be shamed about their dominate cultureness. The Daily Wire wrote about the Indiana University “Practice Halloween”. If you are even thinking about handing your child tuition money or taking out a loan for your precious progeny, reading the Daily Wire piece ought to cause your wallet to seize up.

“Teen Vogue”, which used to be (decades ago) about style and fashion, is an online shaming source for anyone not culturally indoctrinated enough to be “woke”. “Teen Vogue” worships at the altar of teen sex, abortion, and feelz. Without further ado, below is the “Teen Vogue” educational dominant culture shaming video.

First, let me address the biggest problem with the message in this video. It’s called the First Amendment and it’s in this pesky thing called The Constitution of the United States of America. The Constitution is the contract under which we, as citizens, have agreed to live. By virtue of birth, naturalization or hostile takeover, if you live in this beautiful country, you have agreed to The Constitution. The First Amendment guarantees free speech, among other handy items, and that means I can dress as I choose. If you don’t like Freedom of Speech, you may petition the government. See also, First Amendment.

You would know this, my little activists, if you had something other than a Bachelor of Arts in Grievance Airing.

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