#ObamacareAnniversary: 6 Years And Nothing To Celebrate

#ObamacareAnniversary: 6 Years And Nothing To Celebrate

Did you know we missed a major birthday on Wednesday?? No, it wasn’t a celebrity, a world famous model or singer, nor a politician, not even a world leader. We seriously missed the chance to break out the confetti and pop the champagne corks in celebration of the 6th anniversary of Obamacare!!


So exciting right??? Yeah. Not. So. Much. Obamacare, the gift that keeps giving. That oh so stellar “golly gee you shouldn’t have!” gift that you really really wish you could give back.


Yesterday Chelsea Clinton opined that we should celebrate this debacle, as long as we call it – Hillarycare, you know because Hillary CARES and because it’s Hillary who is the true architect of this debacle.

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