The Imperial Google: “Do As We Say, Not As We Do”

Here’s another example of liberal uber-wealthy elite hypocrisy.  The Google geeks put 3.4 million miles on their corporate jets – that’s about 100 million pounds of evil carbon dioxide…. not including the hot air coming out of the cabins – and you, the taxpayer, are paying for a lot of it.

“In addition to the publicly subsidized hangar space, Google received another money saving perk courtesy of U.S. taxpayers: Millions of dollars’ worth of jet fuel at below-market prices from NASA and the Department of Defense. Google officials spent an estimated $29 million on jet fuel at the facility, roughly $10 million less than what they would have paid on the open market.”

Much of the environmentally-conscious company’s travel hasn’t been just the 100 flights to Washington D.C. over the past 6 years to secure federally subsidized jet fuel and campaign for Obama, but evidently they also need quite a bit of vacation time.  More from the article linked above:

“Google’s planes burned through nearly 59 million barrels of crude since 2007, much of it gallivanting to elite playgrounds and exotic destinations (almost 300 flights by my count) like Nantucket, Aspen, Costa Rica, St. Maarten, Hawaii, and Bermuda, and even obscure island paradises like Babelthuap, Tortola and Tahiti. Astonishingly, the amount of crude used to fuel Google’s planes could provide all the gasoline used by 11,500 American drivers for a whole year. The supposedly environmentally conscious company’s jets have emitted more than 100 million pounds of carbon dioxide over the last four years alone.”

Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google
Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google

Like the Environmental Hypocrite-in-Chief, Al Gore, who has been paid by Google since 2001 to be an “advisor” within the company, Google has shown themselves to be huge hypocrites.  While ordinary Americans are propagandized, lectured, and coerced into driving electric cars and taking pillowcases to the grocery store to gather their food, you can BE SURE there are people making big money and spending big money to promote the carbon tax scheme and global warming lie.  You won’t be able to fly to Babelthuap, but there are people who will take your money to go themselves.   It’s not the idea that wildly successful companies take luxury vacations or fly corporate jets; I am ALL FOR capitalists enjoying the fruits of success.  But when taxpayers are paying for it and at the same time being lectured to reduce their “carbon footprint” and forced to buy a certain type of light bulb, I get a bit testy about the outrageous hypocrisy.  Not to mention what this, again from the article linked above, does to the economy:

“Cap-and-trade and carbon tax schemes are relatively harmless to tech companies like Google, but would ravage America’s manufacturing sector. Job losses and the resulting spike in the cost of consumer goods associated with restricting carbon dioxide emissions may not be a concern to bigwigs at Google, but they would devastate huge numbers of American families. We know all too well in the Obama stimulus era that ideological projects like Solyndra are losers with zeroes on the end, but Google still receives up-twinkles when it joins the Kumbaya drum circle – something it’s happy to do to maintain its hip appearance among millennials.”

And now we know:  “hip appearance” in the real world translates into “liberal hypocrisy”.

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