SNL Throws Shade at Ivanka Trump in Sneering Skit [VIDEO]

SNL Throws Shade at Ivanka Trump in Sneering Skit [VIDEO]

Who’s writing the comedy sketches on “Saturday Night Live” these days — a bunch of high school mean girls?

The claws were out for Ivanka Trump on last night’s broadcast.

Actress Scarlett Johansson portrayed Ivanka in a sketch entitled, “Complicit,” mocking the first daughter in a perfume ad parody.

Never mind that back in November, 2015, Ivanka Trump made a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live, portraying a Secretary of the Interior to her father as future president. She was pregnant at that time, so the cameras worked around her baby bump, but she joined her father in a skit in which he poked fun at his own ego. She and her dad were good sports.

A set photo from Nov, 2015 SNL, posted by Ivanka Trump on social media. Credit:

That was then. Nobody at Saturday Night Live expected Donald Trump to actually become president. But now the shocked and desperate cats are baring their claws, eager to take down anyone named “Trump.”

Even if that person is merely a daughter who deeply loves her father. And no, she can’t “stop all this” — whatever “this” is in their fervid imaginations.

But the joke’s on all those who despise Ivanka Trump — from the silly “Grab Your Wallet” boycott to the harpies at SNL. Earlier this month her clothing line reported record sales.

So just keep it up, SNL. Ladies who support the president and love Ivanka’s fashions are just going to keep buying her merchandise. And she’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

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