What’s Jimmy Kimmel’s Real Objective? [Video]

What’s Jimmy Kimmel’s Real Objective? [Video]

This was not the first time Jimmy Kimmel waded into politics on his late night talk show. I seem to remember at one point, he used to be funny, but now he just uses his public pulpit to promote statist policies, because they trigger his FEELZ, and his ignorance is getting on my last nerve, because thousands and thousands of emotional ignorami are basing their political views on the diatribes of a talk show host, whose highest “education” credit includes a couple of years of college and an “honorary degree” from UNLV.

Sorry, but said honorary degree doesn’t make him a policy expert. Being a talk show host doesn’t make him a constitutional scholar. Having a sick child doesn’t give him moral authority to promote economically destructive health care policies. Having sympathy for victims of a massacre doesn’t give him the depth of knowledge to bloviate about gun control. And yet, that’s exactly what he did the other night, preying on the frayed emotions of his audience like a ghoul to ignorantly promote policies he doesn’t understand.

And thousands of people and media outlets tearfully cry with him and tell him how totally smart he is!

The Washington Post encourages us to “Read Jimmy Kimmel’s emotional, scathing monologue about gun control after the Vegas massacre.” So I did, and I found it to be as lacking in factual analysis as it was filled with hysterical hyperbole. It wasn’t scathing. It was irritating. Look, we’re all grieving. Every time something like this happens, we cry, our hearts go out to the victims and their families, we wonder what could have been done differently. It’s a distinctly human emotional desire to want to place the blame SOMEWHERE and to explore options to help ensure another massacre never happens again.

The problem with these desires is that many times they translate into statist policies that deprive people who had nothing to do with the crime in question of their rights. Instead of looking at possible solutions rationally, politicians and overwrought celebrities have a tendency to blame and punish those who have committed no crime, merely because they want to preserve their rights and freedoms.

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