Social Justice Morons Complain that “Dunkirk” Movie is Too White [VIDEO]

Social Justice Morons Complain that “Dunkirk” Movie is Too White [VIDEO]

I’m not a big movie fan. Typically summer blockbusters come and go, and my reaction is “meh.”

However, there’s a movie coming out in July that I want to see, especially since I’m fascinated by World War II history. Besides, it’s British history, and I’m a sucker for British epics (Lawrence of Arabia, anyone?)

Here’s the trailer:   

Dunkirk tells how over 300,000 Allied troops were rescued from a beach in France when escape was cut off. It’s a story of courage, patriotism, and miracles.

But leave it to the social justice morons to rail against Dunkirk. Why? Well, because it’s “too white.

Click to enlarge.

Check out this idiot, who says she’s a “librarian” in her Twitter profile. I wonder if she can find the “nonfiction” section in her local library?

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