Trump Assassination Skit Draws Rebuke Once Discovered [VIDEO]

Trump Assassination Skit Draws Rebuke Once Discovered [VIDEO]

The morning after the election, my 7th grade daughter was confronted by panicked classmates who were convinced the world had ended. They stopped the hysterics when she calmly said to them, “You do realize that he isn’t going to be inaugurated until January, right?”

(AP Photo/LM Otero)
(AP Photo/LM Otero)

The calmness that my 12 year old displayed is sorely lacking among the supposed adults in this country. And nowhere is this more obvious than the assassination threats that have already begun against President-elect Trump. They started on election night on Twitter, have gotten a CEO fired, and at least one man has been arrested and charged for his Tweeted threat.

Now we have a couple of high school students in San Antonio, Texas, who thought it would be great to put on a skit titled “The Assassination of Donald Trump” – complete with gunshot sounds from a cell phone.

A skit portraying the assassination of President-elect Donald Trump by two 10th grade students at Marshall High School provoked anger and dismay from the parents of a student who watched it unfold last week.
Harold and Melinda Bean said that in the skit, entitled “The Assassination of Donald Trump,” one of the boys made a gunfire sound effect with his cell phone as the other boy, portraying Trump, fell to the ground in mock death.

“Appropriate action” was taken to reprimand both boys and their teacher, said Northside ISD spokesman Barry Perez. The parents, however, believe more should have been done, including suspending the two students.

When pointing a finger at a classmate or eating a Pop Tart can get you suspended in this day and age, how on earth were high school students who played gunshot sounds off a phone given a pass?

Because we’re talking about Donald Trump, that’s why. And I’m betting the only reason the boys and the teacher were “reprimanded” (whatever that actually means) is because these parents complained to the school. The article states that the skit happened last week – which means it happened within the week of the election itself. Trump hasn’t actually done anything but be elected yet. As my own daughter pointed out, he isn’t actually the president yet. But that seems to be enough for the unhinged who had never considered the possibility of him winning the election.

Just imagine if the skit had been titled “The Assassination of Hillary Clinton.” Or “The Assassination of Barack Obama.” Do you think those high school students would still be in school? Of course they wouldn’t be. You can say that suspending kids for finger pointing or the Pop Tart is stupid (and it is). But the double standard is even stupider.

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